The use of silicone sealants has increased substantially over the decade due to infrastructural growth throughout the world. The rise in the demand for silicone sealants for outdoor construction has led to innovation and investment in Research & Development.

As a result, today, there is an impressive range of Outdoor Silicone Sealants available in the market for building envelopes, facades, patios, tiling, commercial glazing and more. Even though other adhesives and sealants are available in the market, silicone sealants are preferred more.

Why are Silicone Sealants used for outdoor construction?

Many factors are associated with choosing silicone sealants over others for outdoor construction. One of the reasons is the versatile nature of silicone sealants, they can be applied on various surfaces, from wood to metal, marble to glass, concrete to plastic and more, which means a single product that serves multiple purposes.

Outdoor Silicone Sealant - One Solution For All Outdoor Fittings & Fixings

Apart from their versatile nature, silicone sealants have many other important properties which make them ideal for infrastructural purposes.

1. Durable

The outstanding durability of silicone sealants is because of the hybrid nature of silicone. This characteristic of silicone makes the sealant resistant to environmental changes. Apart from this, silicone sealant is also resistant to electrical stress.

This quality makes a silicone sealant an excellent tool for filling cracks and repairing damage while renovating a home. Silicone sealant lasts long in extreme temperatures & conditions. Its average life is 20 years.

2. Water Resistant

Outdoor silicone sealant forms an airtight and watertight space. It is important to waterproof things that are to be exposed to rain or water. In such cases, waterproof silicone sealants are used.

The seal makes buses, cars, trucks, submarines, metal roofs, solar panels and other things with potential exposure to water, water-resistant. Once silicone sealant is applied, the space becomes watertight and intrusion is not possible.

This quality increases the life of machinery & appliances by stopping them from deteriorating.

3. Easy to Use

Unlike other sealants, silicone sealant is easy to apply and does not need any pre-preparation. The smooth paste-like material is applied easily around the joints in a single stroke with the help of a silicone gun.

Moreover, silicone sealants cure quickly and are ready to face extreme weather conditions shortly after applying. This property of outdoor silicone sealants is useful while sealing spaces around windows, installing roof or solar panels, filling gaps between floor tiles, fitting doors, etc.

To know How to Apply Silicone Sealant click here.

4. Weatherproof

One of the crucial factors for choosing silicone sealant for outdoor construction is its weatherproof nature. With constantly changing weather conditions and an immense growth of infrastructure, applying silicone sealant is inevitable.

The application of a weatherproof silicone sealant keeps the building new by protecting it against harmful UV rays, forming a rain shield & also an extreme temperature tolerance.

Such a level of weather protection increases the durability of structures as well.

5. Offers Flexibility

Flexibility is essential when it comes to building any structure. From high rises to doors every structure needs movement & flexibility, and this is offered by silicone sealant.

Architects & engineers rely highly on silicone sealants for providing flexibility to panel bonding, facade, building envelope, etc. Along with this, using the flexible seal allows many design prospects to action. This provides architects creative freedom.

Big construction put aside. Silicone Sealant is also used around the gaps of doors & windows as they require movement.

The addition of silicone sealant increases the flexibility of the structure while maintaining structural integrity.

6. Helps in outdoor decor

Modern homeowners invest heavily in home decor & design. To build these designs silicone sealants are used as they maintain the aesthetics of the design.

Silicone sealants are available in many colours including clear sealant which makes it a top choice for outdoor decor purposes. The colour of the silicone sealant is chosen based on design requirements.

For decor purposes, silicone sealants are used in building patios, sealing gaps around garden fountains & ponds, installing fabricated designs on the wall, placing statues, filling gaps around mosaic, and more.

7. Quick Repairs

General-purpose silicone sealant is an all-time house repair companion. It can be used for quick fixings and repairings around the house.

The cracks on the wall can be filled easily, roof leakage can be stopped, and a broken tile can be fixed & joined quickly using a silicone sealant.

It is a hassle-free approach for outdoor repairs. This repair solution isn’t a quick fixture, it is a long-term solution to the problem. The application of silicone sealant reduces the damage to a minimum

Silicone sealant is a super convenient tool for outdoor home repairs.

8. Sustainable Solution

Most of the silicone sealants available in the market are LOW in VOC. It means that it emits very less chemicals.
This keeps the residents protected by keeping the atmosphere inside and around free from harmful chemicals.

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Until now you’d know why outdoor silicone sealants are absolutely essential for outdoor fixing and fittings.

Silicone sealants are designed and developed to be durable and versatile. It is applied to provide strength & longevity and prevent deterioration by making the space airtight & watertight.

There are different types of outdoor silicone sealants available. Each silicone sealant is formulated for a different purpose.

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