In hot and dry climates, a tower cooler has emerged as a viable substitute for air conditioning units. A tower cooler allows you to sail through the summer in comfort, at a fraction of the price and operational costs of an air conditioner. Eco-friendly and affordable Tower cooler can be your best friend from May to September, and even beyond given the heat wave.

The ideal tower cooler should be tough and dependable to run all summer. A Kenstar air cooler is one such appliance that will last you season after season and provide you with optimal cooling options. Coolers are especially beneficial if you live in an arid region with high temperatures and low humidity. But among the wide variety of coolers available in the market, how should you choose the right one for your home?

affordable Tower cooler

5 factors to consider before buying a tower cooler

  1. Water capacity: Tower coolers, unlike air conditioners, require water stored in a tank for optimal functioning. The ideal water capacity of a tower cooler depends on the size of your room. Tower coolers are available in water capacities ranging from 25 litres to 50 litres. A water capacity of at least 30-40 litres is ideal for large rooms. In the case of smaller spaces, a water capacity of 25 or more litres should be enough.
  2. Room Size: Tower coolers come in different sizes to suit rooms of different sizes. The size of a tower cooler refers to the power of its motor (air throw) and water capacity. For a larger room, a tower cooler with an air throw distance of over 30 feet and a water capacity of over 30 litres is desirable for optimal cooling. Do remember that installing a huge cooler in a small room may lead to increased humidity and discomfort.
  3. Extra Features: The latest tower coolers come with many unique features. You can now buy a Kenstar air cooler with a remote control or one that comes with a power-saving mode. Certain newer models are also compatible with home power inverters so you can have uninterrupted cooling even during power cuts. Also check for dust filters, auto swing and honeycomb cooling pads.
  4. Warranty and support: Since a tower cooler is used almost ceaselessly, it also requires periodic maintenance. The best part is that each Kenstar air cooler comes with a 12-month warranty. The company also allows you to avail yourself of an additional warranty of two months at no extra cost. Air coolers have a lot of moving parts that ensure considerable wear and tear during operations. Thus, going for an extended warranty is always the wiser option.
  5. Pricing: The price of a Kenstar air cooler depends on the specific model you choose. Kenstar Air coolers are priced between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 15,000 in the Indian market. This is quite low compared to even the cheapest of air conditioners, making a tower cooler and affordable AC replacement. You can compare prices online and check for No Cost EMI options on Kenstar air coolers on all major shopping portals.

Here are some of the most popular Kenstar tower coolers in the market:

1. Glam RE Kenstar Tower Cooler 50-litres (Smart Remote)

  • 50-litre water capacity
  • Pads can be chilled in an ice chamber, resulting in super cool air
  • Inverter compatible and low energy usage
  • Dust filter to keep allergens and bugs out

2. Kenstar Glam 50R Tower Cooler 50-Litres (Empty Tank Notification),

  • 50-litre water capacity
  • Manufactured with honeycomb padding for optimal cooling
  • Remote control for added convenience
  • Empty tank alarm
  • Air throw of up to 35 feet
  • 4-way air diversion for uniform cooling

3. Kenstar Air Glam 35R 35-Litres Tower Cooler (Smart Remote)

  • 35-litre water capacity
  • High-volume air circulation
  • Honeycomb cooling pads for more cooling with less air volume
  • Pads can be chilled in an ice chamber
  • Dust filter net to keep insects out

While air conditioners are the ultimate cooling solution, they are expensive to purchase and operate. Tower coolers, on the other hand, are a cost-effective solution to cool your house during the blazing summer months. Kenstar Air coolers are energy efficient and do not harm the environment. They are made of corrosion-free, thermally re-engineered plastic and come with a high-water capacity for all-day/all-night cooling.

A tower cooler is great for cooling down living spaces, bedrooms, workplaces, and stores. For effective cooling, Kenstar air coolers and tower coolers feature numerous speed settings, an air throw distance of up to 35 feet, and motorized louvre movement. Quadra flow innovation is used in the tower cooler to ensure uniform chilling.

Summary: Kenstar air coolers are a less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioners. During the summer, when temperatures soar and make us lethargic, a reasonably priced Kenstar air cooler is a welcome reprieve. Choosing the right tower cooler for your home will go a long way in helping you keep cool. Here are some things you should look out for when buying an air cooler this summer.

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