1. Think about your audience.

This is arguably the most important part of your overall logo design process as it influences the rest of the decisions you will make in the following steps.

Whether you’re a lifestyle, fashion, travel, or finance blog, the logo you design needs to resonate with your specific audience to be effective.

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Consider your topic, and then think about who your ideal reader for that topic is. What kind of people will your blog attract? Who are you hoping to reach? Try writing down some identifying details about your target audience, including their suspected demographics and hobbies.

Why is this relevant? Well, a logo that uses bold fonts and multiple bright colors wouldn’t be appropriate for a blog about depression—just like blogging about healthy living, a logo with a minimalist style and black as the main color is unlikely to appeal to your target audience.

Make sure you have a good idea of ​​who you want your blog to attract before moving on to Step 2.

2. Choose a color palette.

The colors you use in your logo should match or complement the color scheme of your blog or website.

If you haven’t yet chosen a theme for your website, you’re all set; You can build your theme around your logo! By this point, however, most bloggers already have a website up and running, which usually comes with a template (or theme, if you’re using WordPress).

It is important to know that the colors you choose convey certain emotions to your audience. Each color has its own “personality,” which in turn influences people to unconsciously feel or think about something specific. For example, red inspires passion and energy, while blue evokes confidence, power, and reliability. Educate yourself about color psychology before deciding on your logo’s color palette.

You also need to be aware of which color combinations for logos go well together and which don’t. Just as you want your logo colors to complement your website, you also need to make sure they complement each other – both in looks and in meaning.

When deciding on your logo colors, go for 2 or 3 total – more than that, and you’re likely to mistake your message for an overloaded design.

3. Choose the right font.

If you’ve decided on a wordmark logo for your blog, then this step is the be-all and end-all of your logo. Your font will be the main visual element that your audience will focus on, so you should choose one that best expresses the personality of your blog and brand. There are 4 main types of fonts used in logos, although blog logos tend to favor script fonts and custom fonts to add an extra level of creativity to the design.

That said, as with colors, the font(s) you use should match your blog audience. Again, this depends on the nature of your blog; For example, large, funky display fonts would not be appropriate for a blog about tax information or accounting. However, if you run a travel blog, fun, rollicking lettering would probably be the right move.

Also, be sure to consider clarity; Some fonts — especially the more “creative” ones that dominate blog logos — can be difficult to read, defeating the purpose of a blog logo.

4. Make a few versions.

At this point, you should have decided on the individual elements of your theme (including an icon, if you’re using one). Now it’s time to test several iterations of your logo and decide which one looks best on your website.

You might want to play around with shades of the same color palette or fonts from the same font family to ensure each element works well together.

Also, create a few different layouts and tweak the positions of each element. Does the logo work better with the text front and center? What about your icon on the right? Design 4 or 5 versions of your logo and see which one best tells your blog’s story.

5. Choose a logo design tool

Once you have an idea of ​​how your logo will take shape, it’s time to actually create it! If you want to go the DIY route, you can use design tools like Photoshop, online logo makers (we have a list of the best logo makers here), or logo maker apps if you need to design on the go. If you’re looking for online business logo design services, you can contact Logo Design Valley. A top-notch logo design services provider in New York.


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