For the purpose of this article, we are assuming that money is not an issue; of course, in a perfect world, we would all have the money to buy a vacant plot of land, hire an architect and a master builder, but there are those who do have what it takes to build their dream home and if you happen to be one, here is some very useful information to help your plan become a reality.

a guide to building your dream home in australia

Buying a Plot of Land

Of course, you are going to choose a location that ticks all your boxes; make sure that the land has planning permission that allows you to build. It is wise to take out vacant land insurance to protect the asset, while the architect is working his magic. Land prices vary and depend on many factors; surveys need to be carried out to ensure that there is no ground subsidence.

Designing the House

If you have a large plot of land and a big budget, why not build a huge single-storey structure? One that can be added to at a later date, perhaps a modular design. Hire a local architect and show him your vision and he can create the blueprints the builder needs while making a few recommendations. A 21st-century home should be constructed with composite materials, using solar energy; make good use of the latest tech when it comes to building materials.

Sourcing a Master Builder

It is important that the builder has extensive experience building to order; search online for a leading Australian master builder who is accredited and check out some of their builds. Your choice of builder is one to take seriously; choose an established company that have been building premium properties for a few years and have a high standard of workmanship. Click here to learn about real estate photography and the role it plays.

Turnkey solution

The right builder means you have little to do, other than make the agreed stage payments, the builder deals with State officials regarding planning permission, they will even acquire land on your behalf. All utility connections and legal aspects are handled by a team of specialists and you are kept informed as the project progresses.

Solar power

Of course, it makes total sense to be energy independent and you can forget energy bills, you can even sell excess electricity to the national grid. The Australian government is offering grants to homeowners that make the switch to clean and renewable energy and this cuts you free from the grasp of the money-hungry energy corporations, which is something we should all strive for. While installing solar panels and lithium-ion batteries is never going to be cheap, you have no energy bills to pay and after a few years, you have recouped your initial investment and it’s all downhill!

Acquiring land to build your dream home is the first step to realising your dream, click here to find out how to buy crown land in NSW.


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