Without any doubt, Amazon is the mammoth among eCommerce businesses. With over 300 million customers, this global marketplace allows sellers and brands to market their products to the maximum number of buyers. Also, Amazon gives opportunities to local and national vendors to spread their wings in the international market.

The benefits of AMZ don’t end here. It gives an amazing solution to its prospective sellers–FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). FBA service allows vendors to outsource Amazon for shipping services, return and handling, and managing inventory at a minimal cost.

Boost Your Sales with Amazon FBA Analytics Software

As an Amazon FBA seller, you can store your inventory hassle-free in Amazon’s warehouse by paying a monthly fee. But, we all know competition on Amazon is pretty intense, and without tracking your Amazon’s sales data in real-time, it is impossible to earn good money.

Here’s where Amazon FBA analytics software will help you. These tools enable you to keep an eye on historical sales data overview to concentrate on profit-building and cost-saving strategies. Some software provides full profit loss statements in a scannable form to get insights into your online business health. By taking an overview of this, you can customize your expenses as well as evaluate your pay-per-click campaigns on Amazon.

Furthermore, Amazon FBA tools are useful for keeping track of your competitors so that you can plan the best possible strategy to boost ROI. Anyone can easily research best-selling items with price with the use of such software. In addition, some Amazon FBA tools are specifically meant for visualizing and setting up PPC campaigns and are called Amazon FBA PPC tools.

Now let us discuss in detail what Amazon analytics can do to boost your business:

  • Data Visualization

Data visualization is an important part of the analysis process. It helps you see trends, patterns, and connections that may not be obvious at first glance. For example, you can see which keywords have a high search volume and which are more valuable to your business.

  • Find Keyword With High Search Volume

Keyword data visualization also lets you identify clusters of keywords. You can then drill down into those clusters to see which keywords are more profitable or relevant to your business.

Once you have identified these high-volume search terms, it’s time to start figuring out where they rank on the results page. This will tell you which pages are most popular within Amazon and give you an idea of which pages are worth targeting with PPC ads.

  • PPC Campaign Evaluation

Amazon FBA analytics software can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns by showing how many people have clicked on each ad or landing page. This information will give you a clear idea of what’s working for you and what needs improvement.

  • Get Order Statistics

Amazon analytics shows how many people have purchased a product since it was added to the site. This information can be used to decide whether or not it should be added to the site again, as well as refine other aspects of the product listing. For example, if people buy only one copy of a book and another copy has not sold very well, then perhaps it should be offered in multiple formats instead.

  • Increase Sales In Short Time

Analytics also tracks which products have been viewed by customers most recently and when they viewed them. This data can help retailers decide which products deserve more attention from their marketing teams or how best to promote them online. The results can be used to decide which types of ads will perform best for each product.

  • Learn Who Your Customers Are

Analytics lets retailers see who comes back to their website after searching for a certain keyword or product title on Amazon’s website. If this information is available, you can easily retarget potential customers via text messages or emails.

Here Are the 5 Most Reliable Amazon FBA Analytics Software:

  • Trendle

Trendle is Amazon FBA analytics software that helps you track your sales, calculate profit margins and find the best products. It’s a free product tracker that automatically tracks your products in real-time and gives you valuable insights. It also allows you to monitor the performance of each product in your inventory, track customer reviews and analyze customer feedback.

  • Scale Insights

Scale Insights is a powerful Amazon PPC automation solution that helps you track your AMZ account performance and identify areas for improvement. The tool analyzes data from your product listings, sales, and clicks to give insights into what’s working and what isn’t.

  • Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a popular tool for tracking and managing your Amazon FBA inventory. It provides detailed data about each product, including its size, SKU, price, weight, and more. You can also use Jungle Scout to monitor your competitor’s products easily, so you know what they’re selling at a glance!

  • Keep

Keep is another popular solution for tracking customer orders on Amazon by providing insights into sales volume, revenue per order, conversion rate, and more. It also offers detailed reports on how much each order contributed to revenue growth over time.

  • IO Scout

IO Scout is Amazon FBA analytics software that helps sellers track and analyze their performance. It’s a free tool that helps sellers to track their sales, gross margins, profit margins, and more. It also provides you with easy-to-read reports on your sales data. You can also export the data in CSV format or PDF file format.

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I hope all the information provided in this article proves beneficial for you. For more information stay tuned.


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