Are you the one who is always suspicious while making a financial transaction? If yes, then you’re absolutely normal! Well, jokes apart, do we have an answer to the ‘why’ of this situation? It’s because digitalization in the banking industry is not very old, and there is room for more improvement and enhancement.

Everyone is always scared of a transaction failing because of failed banking applications. And being in this business, it is your responsibility to make sure that your customers stay clear of any doubts. Therefore, the banks must provide their customers with robust banking applications and gain their trust in the bank and its services.

banking application testing
A successful banking application is developed and delivered to users after flowing through various complex processes. These processes involve strategic planning of designing, developing and testing the application to prevent any future damage. Quality engineering (QE) plays a significant role in developing a well-operational application while continuously serving customers. It is supported by test automation processes to make banking application testing faster and more efficient. To understand the criticality of automated software testing for your banking application, this blog can help you!

Benefits of test automation services for banking applications:

A banking application has consistent user transactions with multiple devices and platforms. It is also necessary to focus on the security and speed of these transactions along with maintaining the storage of heavy financial data. To provide all these features and much more under one umbrella, your banking application needs to be top-notch with its functionality, performance, security and everything possible. Thus, banking application testing becomes crucial, and test automation makes the process successful. Here are the seven benefits that explain the importance of test automation for banking applications:

  1. Enhanced security: Unstable application security is one of the major pain points of any banking application. A customer is always worried while making any transaction online due to rising malicious cyber activities. With the help of software test automation services, software testers automate the less important tasks and can focus on the most important requirements and peculiarities of the software. Security is one of the most crucial aspects of banks, and it becomes necessary for the testing experts to work on enhancing the application’s security.
  2. Early prevention and detection– Automating the application testing process give developers, testers, and other experts the ease of speeding up the entire process. Thus, resulting in detecting any flaws or defects at the earliest while also preventing them from causing any future problems. Consequently, banking application testing with the help of test automation helps you deliver a flawless running application to the users.
  3. Use of latest automation tools– Test automation services require various tools to make the whole process run multiple tests simultaneously. Therefore, using the latest automation tools helps you achieve better results and ease the process from all complexities.
  4. Reduced time to market: A banking application is supposed to be working 24/7 without any delays. However, test automation is the key to launching updates and conducting continuous tests. As said multiple times, the test automation process is fast and completes the testing process within the specified timeframe. So, you do not need to wait long to launch the application onto the market, nor do you need to make your users wait to avail of the services.
  5. Reduced human errors: Availing the test automation services for your banking applications helps you to prevent human errors. To test any application is usually a mix of manual and automation testing techniques. However, automating the tests reduces the manual tests and along with the signs of human errors, leading to more accurate test results.
  6. Increased test coverage: Manually testing an application requires much more time and effort than automated testing. Thus, automating the testing process allows testers to cover maximum tests in minimum time. In addition, increasing the test coverage helps to check vulnerabilities of all kinds in the application and rectify the deficiencies to enhance the overall performance metrics.
  7. Better test results: The test automation process involves various benefits, as discussed in this blog. Quality engineers ensure that an application is not just tested for its peculiarities but also qualified to provide the best user experience. Automating the banking application testing makes testing faster and effortless. It allows the teams to perform and carry out the process repeatedly and provides results faster and with utmost accuracy each time.

Best test automation tools to use for your application testing:

Automation tools are the weapons of the automation process that help software engineers beat an application’s flaws and the time bomb. Although numerous tools are available in the market, it is essential that your team picks the most suitable and efficient tool depending on the application’s requirement.

Handpicking some of the best tools to help you in banking application testing. Here is a list of the top ten tools:

  1. Kobiton
  2. Testimony
  3. Apium
  4. Selenium
  5. Test Complete
  6. QMetry Automation Studio
  7. Katalon Studio
  8. Test Sigma
  9. Lambda Test
  10. Worksoft

In the end:

The banking industry is one of the most sensitive industries considering the user’s financial data managed and stored by them. Therefore, it is expected to provide its users with a smooth process for every service offered. With the latest digital transformation in this industry, the pressure on the banks has risen owing to the rising users’ dependency on digital banking and expectation from their banks.

Thus, it creates a dire need for banks to test their application for any deficiencies. Software test automation services are one of the most compelling aspects of quality engineering services. These services smooth the bank application testing process with minimum chances of defects without much human effort. Owing to the complexity of testing a bank application, it is best to hire a well-equipped software testing service provider to provide you with the most suitable automation services for your application. The experience and expertise of these providers will help your application to be free from all possible defects and provide users with a delightful banking experience.


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