What Would Prevent Data from Appearing in a Custom Report

If you are preparing a custom report to analyze certain aspects of your business it is very common to find certain glitches. For instances at times you will try to figure out what would prevent data from appearing in a custom report? Similarly there can be other too many queries that may bother you while preparing such reports on Goggle analytics. So here we will stick to the former and will try to analyze that why we fail to see certain data while preparing a custom report for business based on standard metrics.

What is a custom report in Google analytics?

A custom report as the name indicates is a report prepared on Google analytics where we use specific data related to a business and it is subjected to certain standard metrics. Data is compared to these metrics whether it is able to touch these standards or not. Based on the results business related decisions are taken by the professional businessmen.

Significance of custom report for a business

A custom report for a business is the mirror of its success or failures by analyzing the growth of customers, customer retention and such other aspects. Loopholes and poor practices in a business can also be analyzed based on this data. Big decisions related to a business are taken by considering these reports as major attributes. So that is how we can see custom reports plays a crucial part in taking influential decisions of a business.

What would prevent data from appearing in a custom report?

What would prevent data from appearing in a Custom Report?

A. Too many metrics in a Custom Report
B. A filter that removes all the data
C. Custom Report isn’t shared with users in the same view
D. Too many dimensions in a Custom Report

This is a well asked query of people who are involved in the pursuit of preparing a custom report. Well there could be possibly two reasons which can back this reason. Have a look on them below.

1. Data filter Applicable in report

The first thing that may prevent data from appearing in a custom report is that you may have applied a filter to prevent data from appearing in the report. Data filter do not allow data from appearing in a custom report.

2. Too many metrics in a report

In rare scenario there is a possibility that you are using too many standard metrics for preparing a custom report which leads to prevention of data from appearing in report.

So these are the two major cause that would prevent data from appearing in a custom report.

How to use a custom report for business analysis?

You can analyze the growth in customers, success of your latest business related decisions, and such other aspects of business data through these reports aptly. The tabular and pie charts helps you to get a clear picture where you are sailing in the business. More it becomes easier to make important changes in your business strategy based on these custom reports prepared on Google analytics.

Merits of Using Custom Reporting

Dealing with manual reports every month is not easy. Instead of pulling out the data manually, you can use the custom report of Google Analytics and deeper information. Custom reporting can provide good and easy analysis. Your standard reports can be time taking and frustrating. But custom reports offer deeper insight. The word “analytics” is very popular in digital marketing. Better analytics helps to make good decisions for the business. Most marketing teams use custom reporting to measure the success of their business. It helps in analyzing the trend and improving ROI. When your business analytics provide vital information, these custom reporting of Google analysis help in streamlining the operation processes and reducing the data complexity.

Better custom visualization

Today, everyone needs a good visualization to make decisions. The technology is very advanced and now you can find data every minute. When you are using a custom report, you can create your own charts, funnels, graphs, and various other visual mediums to represent the essential data. Creating the report is very easy and it will help everyone on the team; from managers to analysts anyone can understand the data. These reports are very advanced as you can model them depending on the necessity. You can send the reports to different people and share or hide the information accordingly.

Good team performance

You can use a customized dashboard to collect agency data to analyze the performance. You can check the current performance and compare it with the overall goals. You can measure the analysis team-wise. It will help you to understand which team is working better and where you need more work. You can easily inspect what activity is providing a better decision. You can map the performance of teams and track the work. Using a custom analytics report, you can check call methods and even contact efficiency toward high-risk accounts.

Good decision making

Using standard reports can be helpful in decision-making. But you don’t get a deeper insight into the existing collection trends. But when you are using custom reports for analysis, everything becomes very easy. You can build your own visualization and can interpret the data to improve collection affection, reduce debt write-offs, manage recovery, and maximize profit. Custom analytics reports can be incorporated with various agency functions in one place. You can easily navigate all the data from your phone or laptop screen. All this data helps to provide a clear visualization and helps to make the correct decision for your business.


Custom reports from Google Analytics are very time-saving. You don’t have to gather the data and then analyze it yourself. Google Analytics automatically gathers all data and then provides a custom report. You can also set the data sources for the custom report. The analytics will automatically track and maintain the report. You can use this data to learn about new changes, behaviors, and ups and downs in your business. You only have to do the initial setup and the analysts will streamline all the data. Once you set the analysis, you can easily measure your data without making much effort.


So this is how we can see that a data filter can prevent data from appearing in a custom report on Google analytics.


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