Ramanagara lies 50 km from Bangalore, Karnataka’s capital. The area is known for its many natural spots, traditional arts and crafts, and artificial resorts. You can find some of the most popular things in Ramanagara such as Hill Trekking and Shilhaandara resort, Channapatna toys, and sericulture. A complete tour can be planned from Hill trekking to a resort.

Siddeshwara Hills

Srirevana Siddeshwara Hills

It is approximately 60 km from Bangalore. It’s a short trek. You can use the railings at both ends. The climb to the summit takes between 30-40 minutes. These Hills are the home of Siddeshwara who is an incarnation of Jagadguru Renukacharya. You must be barefoot when climbing the hill. You can also do this trek with children, provided they don’t get too excited. It is a steep climb. While you ride up, you might spot primates. Two temples with large bells will be found at the top of the hill, named after Rudramuneshwar or Siddarameshwar. With the combination of nature and countryside, the top view from the Hills is quite impressive.

 Ramanagara Hill Trek & Camping

Sholay Hills is another name for it. The 1975 film Sholay, which was shot here, gave it its name. You must first get a ticket before you can start the trek. Then, head towards the parking lot. A temple will welcome you to the Hills after this. To reach the Srirama Temple, you will need to climb 400 steps. It is quite fun to climb the small temples on the way up the hill. The path to the summit starts from here. You can take in the stunning scenery from many different viewpoints. Once you reach the summit’s near point, use the railings to climb up. It looks very scary from the bottom because of its steepness. It would be exciting and thrilling to climb it. You will be amazed at the stunning views once you reach the top.

 Shilhaandara Resort

It is situated in Ramanagara, 55 km from Bangalore. It is located at the base of Ramanagara Rocks. Its name means Rocky Cavern. This is something you will see the moment you enter. It is a mixture of culture and nature, displaying the traditions of South Indian rulers. You can find outdoor and indoor games that will appeal to your inner player. Enjoy your weekend with complete satisfaction. You will be thrilled and fulfilled by the Raindance. The longest zip line in the area will take you through trees, giving you the feeling of flying like a bird. It is an ideal place to escape the city hustle.

 Channapatna Toys

It’s located in Karnataka’s Ramanagara District. It is well-known for its wooden toys. The product also has the GI Tag. It’s fascinating to see the manufacturing process of these toys. It is also known by the name Gombegala Ooru (“Toy-town”) because of its popularity. Several factories manufacture toys in the area. To make the toys, you need to first procure the wood from the area. Then season the wood and cut the wood into the desired shapes and sizes. The toys are then carved and pruned. Later, colors are applied to them. It will amaze you to see shiny toys made from human hands. These toys have no harmful ingredients because they are made from vegetables. Visit the area to find some toys that will remind you of the traditions.


It is located 100 kilometers from Bangalore. Mekedatu in Kannada means “a goat’s leap”. According to legend, a goat was being chased down by a tiger and leaped across the valley. The goat was saved by the tiger, who did not attempt to chase it any further. From the deep gorge valley, River Kaveri flows to this area. During Monsoon, the water flow can be quite strong at this spot. Be careful when you are on the rocks. You can also arrange a tour that includes Chunchi Fall, Sangama, and Mekedatu. They are all within walking distance.


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