At the time of buying a car, you are to consider various factors like fuel economy, cost, technology, features, colour, comfort, and boot space. Everything counts to making a decision, and therefore you cannot ignore the safety feature. In fact, this is the first thing you will see over colour and look when it comes to buying a car.

You cannot get a good driving experience unless your car is equipped with safety. Almost every car comes with specific features, but they all vary by model and pricing. Of course, you will have to pay a lot of money if you want all features in your car.

Look for These Safety Features in a Car while Buying

However, it is imperative to look at your budget. Paying for a car outright is not feasible for everyone. If you are one of them, car finance with bad credit will be a good alternative. The value of the loan will depend on your affordability and the upfront cost you pay. However, it is recommended that you pay down 10% of the market value of your car.

Safety features your car must have

Here are the safety features that you should look for at the time of buying a car:

  • Automatic emergency braking

It is an active emergency braking system that every car should have. This advanced safety feature detects your braking distance to avoid a collision. In the traffic road, sometimes you fail to judge when you should brake to avoid ramming into the vehicle in front of you.
With an automatic emergency braking feature, you can avoid collision. If you are too close to the vehicle ahead of you, this system will automatically reduce speed by applying brakes. This is an excellent backup for your safety. It acts as a shield to protect you against potential accidents.

  • Adaptive cruise control

This is an advanced feature designed to help vehicles maintain a safe distance. It will let you stay within the safe speed limit without needing you to do something. A safe distance is a must to avoid striking, and this could be maintained with adaptive cruise control.

It works by sensor technology installed within your car. Other equipments like cameras and lasers create an idea of how close your car is to another. In other words, you can describe this technology as AI. It does not just prevent you from the collision with vehicles ahead but anything, including objects. It is just the epitome of future car intelligence.

As sensors detect a potential collision, you will immediately be warned, so you get your feet off the accelerator. You will also read the phrase brake now on the dashboard, and a red light will blink.

This technology can whittle down the number of road accidents. Since it increases spatial awareness, traffic flow will be maximised. You do not have to worry about speed as it can help control it by sensing the distance between you and vehicles ahead. However, it is not entirely autonomous. You will still need to be alert while driving the car.

  • Blind spot warning

This critical safety feature protects against hitting vehicles moving in your blind spot. You will receive an immediate warning if you are just going to swerve your vehicle to the left or right when another vehicle.

It vibrates or creates a sound to notify you. Some advanced features can give you an audible warning. However, it has a limitation too. It cannot detect very fast-moving vehicles. This technology works with sensors that keep monitoring the road on your side.
These sensors can also help when you are to change the lane. However, you cannot just entirely rely on it. They are not optimised to detect motorbikes, pedestrians and bicycles, so you should always look over your shoulder before swerving left or right.

  • Active beam control

Beams of oncoming traffic and the rear light of vehicles ahead can cause a deadly glare in your eyes, making it difficult for you to judge the distance between vehicles to avoid a collision. Here comes an active beam control feature.

This has been designed to provide a safe driving experience to night drivers. This is an AI feature that detects the intensity of the beam of front and rear lights of vehicles and then switches your car’s main beam to a dipped beam.

This improves the visibility in the dark without hurting your eyes, a great way to prevent accidents in the dark.

  • A strong body

A strong body itself is a safety feature that you cannot ignore. If you just drive in your city, you will probably not need a robust car, but you should consider buying a strong car if you often drive on highways. As you drive at high speed on the highway, so you will need a car that can withstand high speed even amid windy or stormy weather.

Do proper research before reaching a conclusion. Step out and go to the showroom and ask dealers about cars that come with this feature. Ask your friends or family as well about a car that may serve your purpose.

The bottom line

All car models are not equipped with these advanced features. However, they should be in your car for a safe driving experience. Of course, if you buy a car with such features, you will have to pay an additional cost.

Therefore, advanced planning is a must. You should know which car model you will likely buy, so you have set aside a sufficient down payment by the time you buy a car. If you have fallen short of cash anyhow, you can fund the gap with fast loans in Ireland.

It is still recommended not to fund your down payment with any small loans as it will increase your debt burden, and you may not be able to secure an auto loan at affordable interest rates.

Technically, funding your down payment with a small loan means increasing the loan to value because you will have to manage payments of both debts, which can be hard. Therefore, scrutinise all factors.


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