Retractors are important in surgical procedures due to their functions and structure. A retractor wide opens the internal cavity from any direction, giving a better view of the surgical sites. The surgeon can explore and move the organs, tissues, and underlying bones.

The classification of retractors depends on the surgical procedure surgeons are performing. The common types and examples of Surgical Retractors are:

  • Abdominal Retractors
  • Eye retractors
  • Weitlaner Retractor

Weitlaner Retractor is a specialized orthopedic surgical tool. It functions in a single direction only. The lock system provides it with features for surgical procedures. The major components are blades and edgy tips. In structure, it is more like surgical scissors.

Why Choose Weitlaner Retractor For Surgical Procedures

Commonly Used Surgical Retractors

  •  Hand Retractor

Hand Retractors are not self-retaining. It means that the assistant has to carry them during surgery. The tool augments the internal cavity. The surgeon can have a good-angle visualization of the anatomical structures. This design allows the removal and picking up of tissues.

  • Self-Retaining Retractors

Self-retaining retractors work on a ratchet or a screw mechanism. This component alleviates the workload of the surgeon. This tool is reliable for approaching underlying tissues during retraction. Different surgical procedures require specific retractors. These tools range from small to large ones, such as small variations for ophthalmic procedures. These particular retractors have prime applications in neurosurgical procedures. These can expand the surgical site to remove cancer in the spinal cord.

What is a Weitlaner Retractor?

The Weitlaner Retractor has another name, West Retractor. The technical aspect of this retractor is interesting to know. The critical counterparts are the ratchet system, blades, and handles. The functions of the tool are no less. The primary utilization comes in orthopedic surgical procedures. Besides, these are ideal for ligating deep tissues. The powerful handles help to disclose the surgical site. The surgeon then fixes them in the desired position. The difference between the West retractor and the Weitlaner retractor comes in their prongs. It is important to learn about these variations for perfect working on the surgical site.

Uses of Weitlaner Retractor in Surgical Procedures

Weitlaner Retractor is a regularly used surgical tool in orthopedic and facial surgical procedures. It is evident due to the intricate structural design it comes with. The use of this retractor makes complex surgical procedures easy to perform.

For complex surgical procedures, this tool is reliable for dealing with the incision made in the groin to initiate the repairing of a hernia. Other applications include saphenous vein graft or femoropopliteal bypass.

This surgical tool enables successful orthopedic surgical procedures. The surgical retractor is ideal for treating deep cuts. Other surgical applications also involve such surgical tools. These are craniotomy and pericardial pacemaker implantation.

The retractors have a historical background in surgical fields that is important. The existence of other surgical tools is due to retractors. These include curettes, elevators, and many more. The evolution of this particular surgical tool was a prominent factor. Numerous trials and developmental processes were a major reason that led to the latest version of surgical retractors.

Benefits of using Weitlaner Retractor

It is obvious that the retractors are an integral part of a surgical procedure. The utilization of this tool provides convenient maneuvering in the internal cavity. This alleviates the chances of possible risks and damage.

Following are the potential benefits of using a retractor:

  • Typical self-retaining retractors reduce the volume of work of the surgeons.
  • The tool expands the surgical site for better visualization. The surgeon can easily explore and approach the surgical site without any complications. This makes it easier for a surgeon to move organs, bones, and tissues without compromising them. The wide-open surgical site provides enough room for convenient movements. This protects the organs from rupturing and damage.
  • The tool is favorable for giving proper control over the entire structure as it provides a firm grip. As a result, the surgeon can completely focus on the surgical procedure.
  • The prominent feature of this tool is the freedom of movement. In addition, the tool alleviates restrictions so that a surgeon can explore the internal cavity trouble-free.


Surgical retractors are one of the essential tools to be used in orthopedic or any other surgical procedures. Without having a clear view of the surgical site, surgeons can’t ensure successful surgeries. That’s why the Weitlaner Retractor is worth having as a surgical instrument. Consider buying surgical tools from GerMedUSA Inc. It has been supplying and manufacturing surgical tools for three decades. You will get the tools of different variations made with top-notch quality material.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major types of retractors?

There are two major types of surgical retractorshand-held retractors and self-retaining retractors.

What are the common examples of hand-held retractors?

Examples are army-navy retractor, Hohmann, Farabeuf, and Langenbeck’s.


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