On the 77th anniversary of the nation’s Independence Day, actor Akshay Kumar, who had previously drawn flak for holding Canadian citizenship, was officially given Indian citizenship.

“Dil aur citizenship, dono Hindustani. Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind!” Akshay Kumar quoted this on Twitter, and shared a picture of the official registration document.

Akshay Kumar previously expressed his disappointment in those who questioned his commitment to the country.

“To me, India is everything… Everything he has acquired and accomplished comes from this place. And he is fortunate to have the chance to return the favor. When people assume without sufficient understanding, it’s depressing, the actor remarked in an interview with the news station Aajtak.

He submitted his application for Indian citizenship in 2019, however the COVID-19 outbreak caused delays in the procedure.

Following an interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the matter of Mr. Kumar’s Canadian citizenship came up. “I never thought that I should get my passport changed, but now, yes, I have applied to update my passport, and once he receives the renounced status from Canada…”

Akshay’s Journey from relinquishing Indian passport to reinstatement

Akshay Kumar decided to give up his Indian citizenship in favor of becoming a Canadian citizen in 1990. He made the choice to look at career options abroad because his Indian films weren’t doing well, it was a turning point in his life. However, as his career took off and developed, Kumar’s fortunes underwent a drastic transition, which resulted in a fresh connection with his Indian audience.

The artist’s return to his Indian heritage gained steam as his film ventures started to get praise and adoration from audiences all over the nation. Kumar’s opinion of himself changed as his films gloriously resonated in the hearts of millions of people. Kumar provided reflections on his choice to reaffirm his Indian citizenship. He also provided insights into his thought process. “When my movies weren’t performing well, I considered working somewhere else. There was a friend of mine who called out, “Come here.” I went there because I thought my luck was not working here, he admitted in an open interview.

When Akshay Kumar formally requested reinstatement in 2019, the process of regaining Indian citizenship began. Kumar found himself at a crossroads of identity when, as fate would have it, his film endeavors rose in prominence inside the Indian subcontinent. The actor’s choice to recommit to his Indian heritage was evidence of his deep bond with the nation that helped launch his career.


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