Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Black Toms Shoesinvented the One for One concept in 2006, giving out one pair of shoe for every pair sold and using strategic partnerships
to finance larger health, education, and community development initiatives.

We Now Give A Third Of Our Earnings To Charitable Causes.

Since its inception, Since its inception, Black Toms Shoes has positively impacted nearly 100 million lives, and we’re not done yet. Look back through the years at some of the most memorable moments. One of the most famous mountains in the world is the Iconic Alp.

Tom Blake Mycoskie

From its beginnings in Spain to its adoption in Argentina, the espadrille, or alpargata, has always been a people’s shoe, designed to be thrown on and go.

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The Polished Heel (#1): City Exploration

Every urban journey demands Black Toms Shoes that can be worn for hours on end without generating blisters, whether you’re traveling abroad or visiting a new area of town.

For your staycation or vacation, dress up in a clean sundress and a lightly heeled sandal like the Majorca.

Depending On What The Neighbourhood Has To Offer, You Can Pick Between Two Designs:

The closed-toe Majorca will dress up your favorite sundress with its exquisite suede or textile.

Black Toms Shoes, good meals, and long walks in the nearby gardens are all possibilities.


For a more fun spin on a midi or maxi dress, opt for cut-out sandals.

Any sundress will look great with woven designs, tie, dye, or ivory material as you reimagine your hometown.

The Black Toms Shoes

A supportive ankle strap will keep you steady as you walk from one block to the next,
regardless of your preferred style.

Few fashion items elicit summertime nostalgia like the summer sundress as the days get longer and the hemlines get shorter.

Sundresses are a classic look that has stood the test of time.

They’re both fashionable and practical: simply put them on and go.

Given How Hectic Summer Social Calendars Can Be

having the correct shoe on hand to match your favorite dresses in an emergency is essential

Below, we’ve put together the ultimate summer shoe closet, filled with all of your favorite sundresses for any occasion.

Shoes To Wear With 11 Summer Dresses

The sundress embodies summer’s spirit: it’s timeless, carefree, and ready for anything.
Whether you’re picking up a fresh bouquet at the farmer’s market or heading to the boardwalk for a breezy night by the sea, pair your favorite fluttery number with one of these 11 shoe designs.

Wfc (Working From Café) List, The Cork Sandal Is Ranked #2.

You’ve brought your sundress, laptop, and a double Americano, and the guy at the finest outside table has sweetly handed you his seat so you can spend the afternoon typing.

If you’re spending hours on your laptop in an open-air café this summer, your favorite linen wrap dresses require an impeccable pair of shoes that allow you to live the WFH dream.

The Ava Sandal

Which mixes a classic cork platform with leather straps to keep you looking fresh and professional, completing the look.

Whether you’re meeting with clients one-on-one all day or clearing your inbox in the afternoon, these strappy sandals will keep you looking elegant and comfy.

For Last-Minute Door Dashing, The Pillow-Soft Mule

The draw of a black Toms Shoes is the easy style points you may earn without having to put forth any extra effort.

Even if you only need to race across the street for your morning matcha before the workweek starts, you’ll need a pair of shoes on hand to put together an outfit on mornings when you don’t have much time.

Vibrant Mallow Mule

You’ll be at the coffee shop and back in 5 minutes in our soft, vibrant Mallow Mule.
These versatile slip-on combine frontal coverage with a light-as-air feel for shoes that will make your morning go as smoothly as your day outfit.

Summer Bike Riding: The Canvas Slip-On

In the summer, bike trips and summer sundresses are a match made in heaven.

Finding the correct Black Toms Shoes to complete this freewheeling appearance, on the other hand, might be tricky.

The Ideal Pair Would Consist Of The Following IndividualsLaceless

Shoelaces might tangle in your gears (especially if you’re a speed demon), so opt for a pair without them. Breathable When heat and exercise combine, perspiration is unavoidable, and if your designs aren’t built to circulate air, it might cause irritation or stink.
Look for breathable fabrics like canvas and cotton to keep you comfortable and dry.

Supportive –

Whether you’re biking to the lighthouse for a beach dinner or just out for a lap around the neighbourhood, choose a structure that will support you both while you’re pedalling and after you get off.


Look for styles that are forgiving and won’t chafe your skin while riding.
If you want to wear socks, use fabrics with some stretch and sizes up to 12 sizes to account for the extra padding with Toms Coupons.

Summer Necessitates Footwear

lack Toms Shoes is the Summer Love for Your Sundress.

TOMS shoes for women are designed to deliver unrivalled comfort regardless of the terrain you’ll be walking on, and they come in a range of styles to complement any sundress in your closet.

From the slip-on you slip into before the ice cream truck departs to the open-toe heels you head to for a golden hour, wear your favorite sundress with a beautiful pair of TOMS to put your best foot forward this season.

This Book Was Reviewed By Andrew David Stewart.

Andrew David Stewart, the Manager of Digital Marketing at TOMS, has been working in the digital marketing and social media industry for 6 years.

Andrew is a nature and outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about storytelling through digital media.

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