Studying in college can be expensive and tough. Even though there are many scholarships out there, they barely cover the study expenses. The rest of the expenses are up to the students. For international students, it may be tough to keep up with the living and study expenses. This is why most college students prefer doing a part-time job.

Doing a job while studying in college can cover any other expenses and help them to be financially stable while staying in a foreign country or town. Doing a job not only helps in terms of your financial problems but also helps you to relieve the stress you face in college. Going to college every day and facing the pressure to complete the work, exams, and pressure from parents, teachers and even sometimes from friends can make you overwhelmed. Having a part-time job is like an escape from that hectic life.

5 Ways to Make Extra Money While Still in College

These are the major reasons why college students choose to do jobs while they are going to college. While we are in college, we will have many free times after completing our college. Most of the students do not want to sit around and waste their time. So, the better choice is to make money out of that period. If you are planning to make extra money while studying in college, the following are the ways to do that. So, keep reading.

Freelance Writer:

Freelance writing is the best job for those who want to stay in their place and want to earn money. You can easily earn money at abchomework help if you know how to write an essay, homework help, article, or any type of written content. It is the most popular part-time job that pays well for writers. Freelance writers are self-employed. They won’t work under any organization or company. Instead of being under a company, they will work by themselves by providing content for a particular company or multiple different organizations.

The payment is done based on the number of articles that are being published and submitted by the writers. They don’t get paid monthly, weekly, or yearly. They are also free to work with whoever they want while working for others simultaneously. There are many benefits for freelance writers such as they are free to choose their work time. Sometimes, even submitting time is decided by them for some articles. They are also free to choose their clients. They can sit comfortably at their place and work from there.

They can also enjoy their holidays and get more chances to spend time with their family and friends. There are many types of writing that freelance writers can choose. If you are going to choose to do freelance writing, make sure you choose your type of writing style and type. It will help you within your clients and helps you to specialize in it by practising it. Many people assume that freelance writing is not worth doing full-time. That is totally wrong. There are many scopes and career options available for freelance writing.


Being in college, you have a basic knowledge about some of the subjects, and using that knowledge there might be some subjects you would excel at. By studying a bit more, you will be able to tutor some subjects for the students. Your students can be anyone from college students to kindergarten children. Online tutoring is a popular profession where you will teach and help your students with a specific subject.

You can also make money by tutoring offline. If you are willing and able to travel, you can also try home tutoring. You can try tutoring middle school and high school students who are struggling in basic languages like math, science, English, and so on. If you are multilingual, bilingual, and know how to read, write and speak another language well, you can teach that language to other people in their own language. You can also help your own classmates who are struggling with their study sessions.

In this way, you can also get to study your own subject and it will help you remember while you are preparing for your exams. If you are the one who prepares notes in a presentable and aesthetic way, you can sell your materials to other students. It is one of the ways where you can earn money without doing any work.

Campus Works:

Many colleges are allowing students to work inside the campus. This is the easiest and most convenient job for college students who have a hectic schedule and want to earn money at the same time. You can work at the administration office, Library, campus tutor, campus dining, and maintenance.

If you excel at certain subjects and are well known for the lectures there, you can get a job as a teaching and research assistant under your professor. By doing the job inside the campus, you can get to experience a variety of work and also get in close with the staff and your college mates. It is a great way to gain friends within your college.

Being a teaching assistant and research assistant helps you if you want to be a professor, researcher, or teacher in your profession in the future. Doing a job inside your campus is the greatest benefit for a student because you can work there without worrying about going to your class on time. You can adjust your work according to your class schedule.

Being a Blogger or Content Creator:

A blog is content or an article that is published on a website on the internet that can be useful for many people. It has many informational contents that one can read and get benefitted from. Anyone can start blogging by creating their own website. All you have to do is upload articles based on your theme regularly on your website.

You can earn money based on the readers and viewers you have. There is a common misconception that blogging won’t provide you with good money. It is not true, if you have good writing and creative skills, your articles will get successful in no time. There are many themes you can do for your blogs such as travel blogs, cooking blogs, personal blogs, health blogs, business blogs, self-help blogs, affiliate blogs, and so on.

Local Jobs:

You can try to get some jobs around the area of your place or your college. There are multiple jobs like being a waiter or helper at nearby restaurants, a café, at shopping malls, at parlours, and other shops. There are many other fun job such as babysitting and dog sitting. All these jobs pay hourly and you can get a good amount of money by doing this job.


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