Cab Sharing apps are gaining popularity rapidly due to the rising fuel cost and rush-hour traffic. Therefore, there was a 49% rise in Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare usage in 2022 in San Diego. As of 2021, Uber drivers have completed 6.3 billion trips.

From the above numbers, it is clear that the convenience and utility of these platforms are unmatched. However, Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare are not completely safe – accidents happen daily. Consequently, it is vital to know a passenger’s rights when an accident occurs.

As the companies try to avoid legal action against them, uber, Lyft and rideshare lawyer San Diego can come to the rescue.

uber, lyft and rideshare lawyer San Diego

Navigating through the legalities can be complicated and troublesome. Since the ride-sharing companies will try to protect themselves from any suit, it is important to have an attorney well-versed and experienced in the legal procedures involved in such lawsuits.

You should consider many factors before getting in touch with a lawyer. These include:

What to do During an Accident?

Immediately after an accident, your first step must be to calm down. Following that, it is ideal to seek medical attention if any injuries were sustained.

Then, the passenger needs to immediately contact the nearest police station and inform them about the Uber, Lyft, or Rideshare accident. If the person or the driver has suffered any injuries, call 911 to seek immediate medical attention. Even though the injuries may not be evident at the moment, internal bleeding can cause trouble later.

The passenger should also try to gather information about the evidence by taking pictures, getting the driver’s name, and speaking to the witnesses at the scene. Further, the passenger should refuse the early settlements from the cab companies as the compensation can be settled by an Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Lawyer San Diego.

Compensation After Accident

There has been a two to three percent rise in traffic facilities in San Diego due to ride-sharing services. As the fatalities continue to rise, one should know the compensation they can receive from Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare.

A passenger can qualify for either economic or non-economic damages compensation. Economic damages can be determined on monetary terms, which include:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical bills
  • Loss in business or any business opportunities
  • Repairing cost of personal property

However, non-economic damages do not involve any monetary value or receipts.

  • Emotional damage, distress, and suffering
  • Permanent or temporary disability
  • Loss of life quality

Therefore, the compensation depends on the type of damage, and the claim can vary in every case. The lawyers in San Diego can review the cases according to the extent of suffering the passengers face.

How to Sue?

One can easily file a lawsuit against a ride-sharing service through a lawyer. However, to give yourself the best chance of winning your lawsuit, it is important to hire an attorney who has plenty of experience with rideshare lawsuits.

Most of the time, the ride-sharing companies will enter into a negotiation in an effort to settle the lawsuit. Having a lawyer by your side can help a lot in such situations.

However, it is easy to sue if the accidents happen due to common causes. Even though these companies thoroughly vet their drivers, accidents are pretty common on the streets of San Diego.

Some of the common causes of accidents in ride-sharing services are as follows:

  • Distracted driving
  • Navigation through unknown streets
  • A drunk or fatigued driver
  • Unsafe locations or busy streets
  • Disregard San Diego traffic laws
  • Lack of vehicle maintenance

Final Thoughts

One has to prove that Uber, Lyft, or Rideshare is liable for the accident and the injuries. Therefore, hiring a lawyer in San Diego is the best option to ensure you receive maximum compensation.


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