Neck-related disorders are common all over the world. It is estimated that over 70% of all people will endure neck pain someday. Studies have found it among the top 5 disorders plaguing Americans today. So, if you are a resident of Valdosta, GA, and if you have been having trouble with your neck pain off late, read this blog!

Valdosta is an amazing place to live in. The neighbourhoods are quiet, and the schools are great. And if you have been staying here for quite a few years now, you must be aware of the Winnersville champion sports team. It’s also ESPN’s 2008’s ‘Title Town.’ Now, when sports are so common and famous in this area, it is natural that sport-related injuries would be common too.

physical therapy Valdosta Ga

And if you are into sports and are currently experiencing neck sprains, you will not have to worry because there are some of the best specialists for physical therapy Valdosta Ga.

But how do you find the right physical therapist in Valdosta, GA, who can offer the right treatment for your neck sprain? There are several physical therapists and chiropractors in Valdosta who can treat you for your trouble. But first, you have to understand the cause behind your sprains.

How Do You Develop Neck Sprains?

When the muscles or tendons in your neck stretch, it weakens and tears. As a result, you experience sharp pain when you attempt to turn your head to a certain position. The muscles get stretched too far because of poor postures like head and shoulder forward setting posture.

The neck can support an upright head because it contains over 20 strong muscles. When you move your head, these muscles ensure the turn is smooth. However, these muscles should not be overstretched beyond what they can endure. When the tissues joining tendons and muscles get overwhelmed, they tear. The intensity of the pain depends on the size of the tear.

3 Things You Can Do to Reduce Neck Sprains

There are simple things you can do to reduce or relieve neck sprains. However, when it persists, seeking medical help is important.

  • Exercise to relax and strengthen your neck

There is a simple exercise you may do every day to relax your neck. The simplest neck exercise is the chin tuck. The chin tuck exercise will help to build up your neck muscles. Do this several times during the day for better results.

  • Be careful how you sleep

The quality of the mattress and pillow you use matters. If the pillow or mattress doesn’t allow your head and neck to balance, the muscles, tendons, and tissues will over-stretch and tear. Try out different kinds of pillows to find out which one suits you.

  • Get help from the right physical therapist

Finally, make sure that you get in touch with the right physical therapist in GA who will offer you the right kind of pain management solutions, physical rehabilitation, and so on after a thorough diagnosis of your problem. You shouldn’t experience neck sprains recurrently. Hence, consulting a doctor or trained physical therapist is highly recommended if you are constantly experiencing neck strains or sprains.


Neck sprains are a common health challenge in most parts of the world. Most people get healed without the need to see a doctor. Others may be required to seek guidance and help from trained professionals. If you constantly face this health problem, you may want to get physical therapy in Valdosta, GA, immediately. And the best part is that the right physical therapist will treat you in an instant with the best kind of physical rehabilitation.


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