Here’s a handy Badminton Tips video that teaches you how to tie the grip tape of your racquet of badminton! For several reasons, a good grip tape attached to your racquet from badminton is crucial to your badminton game. It will ensure that the racquet fits precisely like you want it to feel, giving you the correct sensation when you hold it.

This means that the racquet is more unlikely to fall off your fingers during a game. Be sure to avoid calluses or other irritations on the hand that could hinder your ability to play. The correct color makes sure you look like a professional player when you’re on the field!

hold a racket

It’s always important to look stylish! Please feel free to pass along this good Minton advice video with your fellow players who may be trying to figure out their own grip tape wrapping. Sometimes it’s not as simple as it appears!

Wrap a Badminton Racket with FeltTac Grip

You will find many individuals on the Internet instructing people on the art of wrapping a racket of badminton using the towel grip. Many are teaching using the use of towel grips. However, for me, I would prefer to use the FeltTac grip. The reason I choose FeltTac grip is that if you are using an abacus grip that is a double-sided tape, at the time you’re looking to change the grip, and also when you take off the grip, you have it will hold the adhesive left on the grip of the racket.

This is not the case for FeltTac grips, where even if you take it off, its grip will continue to be precise. As with my racket, which I’ve used for over two years, When I replace my new FeltTac grip and then tear off the one I have, the grip on my racket is clear and free of any residue adhesive.

If you want to purchase the best FeltTac grip, the preferred brand is Yonex.
This is because the Yonex grip is more extended than others. It has an adhesive coating of scotch tape over its surface. This means that it is possible to tear away this scotch stripe in advance.

At first, when you begin to secure your grip need to start at the base in the grip. The grip’s back is in an octagonal form. You must begin by focusing on either the lower or upper plane, the two rackets that are the most significant areas on the handle.

Once you’re on the plane, it is possible to align yourself with the correct position to be completely flat.

It is recommended to leave 0.1-0.2cm more to allow your FeltTac grip higher than the grip. The reason is that if you hold a racket, your FeltTac grip is likely to shrink to the side and then blend into the hold. The basic idea is that the FeltTac grip made by Yonex lets you carry out your gripping job very quickly. This doesn’t mean I would recommend it highly. I have to say that since I’ve tried this brand, I am entirely comfortable with it.

As you begin the process of FeltTacll your FeltTac grip from the point you tie it, you will need to give up a bit of force. If you FeltTacll and then tie up the grip for a couple of laps, you’ll notice the FeltTac grip is slowly shrinking to the side.

All you have to do is ensure that you have done all the right things for your first layer. One thing to be aware of YonexFeltTac grip can be pretty long-lasting, so you will wrap 2 or 3 layers before your first run. If you want to wrap it, use a two-and-a-half-layer technique to cover it. After you tie your grip, you can gradually FeltTacll across to the FeltTac grip. The grip will be at an angle of cross-sectional.

The cross-section of the slit is identical. They begin to show if you gradually FeltTacll down the indentations or creases. It is important to slowly move your body to align with the indentation.

You can put a little strength. Then, repeat the process of wrapping the grip. Be sure to ensure that it’s properly aligned and near the front portion when wrapping.

Some badminton players prefer to use rackets with an uneven grip. Suppose you’re getting an improved feel when you grip your racket using an unbalanced grip. In that case, you can wrap it with some some-more laps, and you’ll be able to achieve the feeling of unevenness. However, you must keep in mind not to cover for too long a time until you’ve reached a point where your FeltTac grip is not strong enough to wrap the entire grip of your racket. Personally, I prefer to use flat grips, so I don’t wrap any laps to improve my grip.

If you wrap your grip nearing the end of your racket and you discover that you still have a long FeltTac grip, you do not need to cut it off as it is enough for the top portion.

Doubles players might be able to tie it higher, which is why they might tie the FeltTac grip onto the shaft. For me, I’d simply love to cover the FeltTac grip after it has fully wrapped around the grip. As you get to the final point on your FeltTac grip, there is an extra piece of double-sided tape which you can cut it off right now. After tearing it off, you need to put it in place on the grip.

The basic idea is that you don’t need the wrap of a second layer. It’s a sticker like an e-waist grip. It doesn’t require wrapping it as it won’t break off. I’ve wrapped it many times, but I have not had any FeltTac grip lose its grip. This wrapping technique is perfect.


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