Smoothies In intense heat, there is often no appetite, and even more so there is no desire to spend a lot of time in the kitchen at the hot stove. Many people skip lunch in the heat, and some even eat only snacks all day long, although we are all well aware of their dangers. A great solution on a hot day would be light vegetable salads, cold soups, and, of course, fruit and berry smoothies!

Smoothies are not only very beautiful and tasty but also incredibly healthy! Depending on the ingredients and their proportions, you can significantly compensate for the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. In the spring, nutritionists recommend consuming more vitamin C, because during the winter the body has weakened a little and depleted the reserves of this vitamin, which is necessary for immune defense. That is why in the spring many catch colds and get sick even more often than in autumn bad weather! Add cranberries, lingonberries, and kiwi to smoothies – they hold the record for the content of vitamin C.

What to Eat on a Hot Day

Do you want to strengthen your heart and blood vessels? Pay attention to blueberries, raspberries, and sea buckthorn. These simple and affordable berries are excellent antioxidants, strengthen vascular walls, help normalize blood pressure and, in general, affect the body only in a positive way!

If you are overweight, we recommend that you do not lean on sweet fruits and berries, but pay attention to smoothies with the addition of vegetables! A smoothie based on fresh cucumber, green apple, and spinach has an amazing taste! If you drink such a green smoothie daily instead of dinner, you can very quickly get rid of extra pounds, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and enrich your body with vitamins. It happens that after an illness a person needs to gain weight, this is especially true for children. To do this, of course, is worth using useful products. Doctors prescribe a high-calorie diet, but a weakened body may not perceive large amounts of food well, and there is often no appetite after an illness. Nutritious smoothies with nuts, avocado, yogurt, and bananas can be a great solution! Smoothies based on yogurt and berries are a great addition to a children’s breakfast, especially if the child is not too fond of berries and fruits in their usual form.

I like to drink smoothies with berries, low-fat kefir, and oatmeal. I have completely forgotten how to eat porridge in the morning, so I just throw a handful of oatmeal into a blender, add 1% fat kefir, some fresh or frozen berries, and half a banana. I pour a thick, healthy drink into a beautiful bottle and take it with me if I don’t have time to have breakfast. On the way to work, I have my delicious and very healthy breakfast in the form of a smoothie!

Not sure where to start and what components will go well together? Here are the most successful combinations, in my opinion: Banana, tangerine, strawberry, and apple. Sticky, honey, banana. Cucumber, green apple, celery. Cucumber, spinach, kefir. Banana, cranberry, oatmeal, apple juice. Bulgarian pepper, parsley, cucumber. Apricot, banana, milk, coconut.

I prefer to add ice directly to the blender, along with berries and fruit. Create your own smoothie recipes based on the needs of your body, drink them regularly, and after a couple of months, the reflection in the mirror will please you even more, and your body will thank you!

What foods to eat in the heat?

On sultry days and with the arrival of the summer season the desire to turn on the stove is very little, we understand. For this reason, in the recipes that we suggest today, long cooking will not be the center of attention.

In general, among the foods recommended on hot days there are:

  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables: green light for peaches, apricots, melons, strawberries, cherries, grapes, asparagus, green beans, salads, and radishes. 
  • Lots of water, increasing the doses to a minimum of 2 liters a day, especially if you are out for a long time;
  • Juices, juices, natural smoothies;
  • Vegetable proteins ;
  • Carbohydrates and cereals are better if whole and “moist”, such as rice, barley, cous cous, spelled, pasta.

In general, among the foods recommended on hot days, there are Fruits and vegetables in season: green light for peaches, apricots, melons, strawberries, cherries, grapes, asparagus, green beans, salads, and radishes.

Finally, especially in this season, we advise you to avoid too many sugary and alcoholic drinks. Fruit contains a supply of natural sugars, or fructose, which allow you to recharge your energy without the need for the support of energy drinks.

Now you know a few more tricks to effectively choose what to eat when it’s hot! Dua for studying. At your doorstep. 


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