Engaging in games and physical sports does not only support the physical growth and development of kids but mental strength too. It also plays a crucial role in the emotional and personality development of children. This is why providing the right atmosphere to children and helping them play as much as they want is essential.

Due to the growing crime rate, many parents fear letting their children play outside. On the other hand, the rental apartments are too small to offer some play areas. The best solution is to rent areas with high security and play areas for children, along with a little bigger apartment. Creating a little space at home can offer an added advantage.

If you are wondering how to keep your little ones entertained indoors, give a detailed read to this article and learn to create a play area in your small rental apartment.

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Top 6 Ideas to Carve Out Play Space in Small Rental Apartment

When children reach the age of four to five years, they are least interested in playing with toys and want to explore physical sports. At such a point, keeping kids confined at home is the real challenge. Some families lack access to outdoor play stations due to poor neighborhoods. This is why you should prefer renting in an area suitable for kids. Besides, you can create a place at home too.

Here are some of the major ideas you can follow to carve out a play space in your small rental apartments.

1. LayaPlay Mat or Rug

Laying a play mat or rug is the first and foremost idea most families follow to carve out a play space in small rental apartments. Such mats and rugs come with a printed design of obstacles, puzzles, or other such games. You can easily lay it in the living area and ensure your children can play if they cannot go out. However, many families also prefer to explore apartments for rent in Jumeirah village circle and move there to help children enjoy a perfectly designed play area.

2. Add a Basketball Hoop

Young children are more interested in games and activities that physically strain their bodies. It is their way of utilizing all their energy and enjoying their time. One of the best ideas to offer such an activity and include a play area in a small apartment is adding a basketball hoop. It does not take up much space, and you can easily fix it on any wall or behind the doors. It will not only keep the kids entertained but adults too. So, you can add a basketball hoop to your apartment even if there are no kids.

3. Include an Obstacle Wall

Another interesting idea to carve out play space in a small apartment is including an obstacle wall. You can design the wall in the room for your children or a little spare area so they can play comfortably. Moreover, make sure to pick the design and structure which aligns with their interests and can keep them engaged. Ensuring the strength and durability of obstacles is too critical to be sure that your children do not get injured.

4. Hang White Boards on Wall

One of the simplest ideas to carve out a play space in your small apartment is hanging whiteboards on walls. Children are often too impressed by their teachers and want to follow in their footsteps. The process starts by roleplaying teachers and writing on boards. Including one in your home will allow the kids to play with a teacher as often as they want. You can also use it to play family riddles, puzzles, and other such games.

5. Lay A Fishing Net

Laying a fishing net in your apartment is another interesting idea for creating a play space for kids. You might not be able to do so on a wall. If you have any reclining space in your apartment, it will be best to lay the net and allow children to go up and down. If you do not find any space or thing, you can lay the net on the inner side of the doors. However, make sure climbing up and down does not get too dangerous and remove pointy structures from the surroundings.

6. Add Mini-hammock on Balcony

Adding a mini hammock to the balcony of your small rental apartment is the last way to add some play space. It can provide comfort and entertainment to your kids. Laying in the hammock and listening to stories can also boost the imagination and creativity of your children. So, it ensures learning and entertainment side by side. You can even explore apartments for rent in Jumeirah village circle and move there to provide your kids with healthy entertainment and play areas.

Are you looking for child-friendly neighborhoods?

Child-friendly neighborhoods offer close access to schools, as well as indoor and outdoor play areas, in addition to numerous other facilities. Get the services of professional real estate agents to find a suitable unit and provide the best atmosphere for the growth of your children.


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