A group health insurance policy is an insurance policy that covers a group of people under it. Unlike a retail policy which is bought by a single person, a group health insurance policy is purchased by the company.

A company provides a cover to all its employees through a group health insurance policy. For instance, Ankur is an employee of a company. Ankur’s company provides group health insurance coverage to all its employees. So naturally, Ankur gets a cover for himself as well.

Why should you get a group health insurance policy?

In the present times, almost all the companies are providing health benefits to their employees. After the pandemic commenced, employers realised how the crowd seeks for health coverage. When it comes to companies, they chose group health policy as an employee benefit to leverage the workforce. It provides safety and security to not only the employees but also their loved ones.

What are the benefits of having a group health insurance policy

A group health insurance policy benefits the employees as well as the employers in various ways.

Employees –

  • Coverage for them as well as their families.
  • Comprehensive packages.
  • The feeling of trust and security.
  • Option to not purchase a retail policy that can cost a lot more.

Employers –

  • Less premium compared to a retail policy.
  • Employee retention.
  • Easy to access and use the product.
  • Talent acquisition.

Why should you purchase group health insurance from Pazcare?

Pazcare provides employee insurance and other healthcare benefits tailored for the modern workforce. The comprehensive packages come with perks such as dental coverage, free doctor consultations, mental wellness and much more!

Pazcare also provides different types of insurance including group health insurance, group personal accident insurance, group term life insurance, Covid insurance, keyman insurance etc.

Apart from the existing coverage, Pazcare also provides the option of super top-up to increase the coverage from a minimum of 3 lac to 20 lac with a minimal premium.Pazcare also has the following provisions for better user experience-

  • HRMS integration
  • Mobile app
  • Admin dashboard
  • Pocket-friendly costs
  • Comprehensive packages


Health is an important factor. Concerns for health can arise at any point in time! Be it a dinner party, or a trip with family or friends. It is always better to keep a safety net ready for the tough times. Moreover, protecting your employees means protecting your family!

For more information, visit: https://www.pazcare.com/


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