There are a variety of blogs online designed to help you improve your cricket batting. However, after reading some of the blog posts, I realized that they are ineffective and of little usefulness.

As a professional cricketer, I’ve been practicing fundamental cricket drills frequently at the beginning of my career.

As a result, I’ll share my knowledge on how to improve your hitting so that you can bat like the pros (easy and practical methods). The blog article that follows I’ll open up to you. You must be prepared to learn some harsh facts in this blog post.

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The first thing to consider is If you are looking to become a professional cricketer because you are enticed by the fame, title, and wealth that professional cricketers make. This blog and the path to becoming an elite cricketer aren’t suitable for you. (Bitter Truth)

It is recommended to play professionally only if you love playing cricket. If not, it’s going to be difficult to live your personal and professional life.

Do not interpret it as if I’m trying to discourage you. I’m saying this because I have witnessed players who have chosen to play professional cricket purely due to a random desire or the desire of their families to be professional cricketers. However, they are not happy playing and, as a result, it is a cause of suffering for their families. (Bitter Truth)

If you’ve read this far, it appears you’re committed to developing and improving your batting skills, so let’s get to ‘ Easy methods to improve the quality of your cricket Batting to Learn to Bat Like a Pro.’


If you’re just beginning or a newbie, then you should have an expert coach who can show you the basics of cricket batting

  1. Batting grip
  2. Batting stance
  3. Trigger or Initial movement
  4. Head position
  5. Foot movement

The question is which is the best coach?

To locate a good coach, you must take lessons from coaches either in person or via the internet (From Youtube). (It could transform your life when you discover a great coach)

Additionally, you can master the fundamentals of batting by attentively watching and observing the videos of your favorite cricketers as well as live cricket matches.

To be honest, if you’re an absolute beginner, studying from YouTube and live matches can be challenging. So, you must stay focused and committed to your sport if you are looking to grow and improve quickly.


  1. Don’t copy someone else. Learn from others and decide what you like best.
  2. Never be afraid to accept changes.
  3. Don’t strive for perfection. Try to improve more than the version you had before.
  4. When playing cricket Don’t worry too much about your playing technique.
  5. Make sure to keep an eye on the ball to the final moment and then play in accordance with the merits of the ball.
  6. Pay attention to what’s on the Commentary of International cricket matches attentively. You’ll gain a wealth of basics and information regarding the game from it. (My coach once told me this.)


A major point I’ve learned is that you need to be your own coach (that does not mean that you don’t require a coach or you shouldn’t learn from your mentor) If you want to get better and learn rapidly and consistently.

You may have the top coach around however, the coach you have won’t be at all times. Therefore, when your coach isn’t in your life, then you need to become their coach.

When you do this you will become aware of your body’s posture as well as your hands, head posture, and stance, trigger movements/initial and discover your errors and correct your mistakes.

The only person better than you is aware of what’s ideal for you, and what’s not. So, don’t be a slave to anyone. You should be open to advise and suggestions, but ultimately make your own decision about what is best for your needs.

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Imagine that you’ve mastered all techniques and shots that are associated with playing cricket. However, the issue is that you are exhausted during matches and you’re slow getting between wickets and, as a consequence, you’re exhausted the majority often or aren’t in a position to play because of back pain or you suffer from shin pain due to not having made your muscles stronger. What are your feelings should this be the scenario? (Believe me, you’ll be furious)

A single of the most common errors that players make is not paying attention to their mental and physical training.

Fitness for your body and mind should be the top priority for becoming an effective batsman. Otherwise, it’s impossible to keep pace with the sport.

The other thing to remember is to not focus on building muscles to impress your friends; rather, you should follow a sport-specific program that incorporates compound lifts, running sprints, and mobility exercises for stabilization and coordination. (What you eat plays an important role in determining the level of fitness you have.)

Also, it is important to keep making improvements to your running between the wickets.

In addition it is important to regularly strive to maintain your mental health and enhance your ability to think, think and respond to, adapt, and learn.


Not to be left out.

Fielding practice not being done is a common mistake that players make. Also, during the initial phase of my Cricket journey, I committed the same error, for which I was required to pay the cost.

Remember that fielding is among the most effective methods to enhance your reflexes’ speed and stamina, as well as game awareness and your confidence as a player. In turn, this can increase your batting ability very quickly and make you satisfied.


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