No matter if you are living in a rented house or your own house you always want your home to look homely and aesthetic. All you want is your home to feel welcoming when you come back to it after a long day.


To make your home homely all you want to do is add soft furnishing to one. When someone enters our home they judge our personality according to our home, the quirk things help them understand out quirkiness, the plain bland look will make them understand you as a sophisticated person, when we build or decorate outhouse it is like a plain white sheet and we are the artist of that sheet, you can choose whatever colors you want and however you want.

When you are an artist you can add your own essence to every room of your home. You can add a different aesthetic to every room. When you are starting from scratch try setting up a theme and building according to it to make your home look all together and not messed up.

Cushion covers are the least expensive way of changing the vibe of your home, adding ethnic cushion covers can give a traditional look whereas geometric or abstract prints can give you a modern vibe. Traditional or ethnic designs are cluttered and messier whereas the modern designs are simple and cleaner so you can easily choose your personality trait in your cushion covers

We all have hard blacked furniture in our home and sitting on them can be uncomfortable adding soft cushions to them. Before adding cushion covers to your cart make sure you go through these points.


We always get matching cushion covers when we buy sofas with cushions. Which blends thoroughly with the sofa making it look like a big fat piece of furniture in the room.

Gift them to the next person you feel to give and get yourself some bright contrasting color cushion covers to compliment your interior and sofas both. This will help not only enhance and uplift the mood of your room but even create an aesthetic vibe for your room.


  • Choosing the right color palette is important as not only puts your room well together but brings life to your room. We already have many different shades of colors in our room which can be bound together with the right color palette chosen by cushion colors.
    To choose the right colors for your cushion covers all you have to do is sit in your room and find two or more prominent color which lies under the below-mentioned criteria
  • Choose a color that goes well with your painting or a vase in your room.
  • The colors which you choose should complement each other like they should look well together.
  • Try using a color swatch while buying a cushion cover and curtain fabric make sure all the cushion covers have the dominating color in them and the rests should be in contrast. This way you should tie all the three colors well.


The most common thing everyone does is choose the same shape for all their cushion covers, it makes the appearance of the room boring. To spice it up make sure you add different shapes and sizes. Try two different sizes of cushions with the same pattern and a few solid colors to create a mesmerizing look.


Arranging them in the right way is important or else misplaced cushions can make your room look messy, going in our traditional way placing one or two cushion sets at the end of each end or you can go with 3-5 patterns to give it a basic look,

you can even add a few cushions of your color palette in the center and just surround them with other cushions and try new combinations to get a new look every time.


Matching the material of your cushion covers with your curtain fabric will be like hitting a bull’s eye or you can use silk, suede, or leather to get an edgy look in your room. You can even go for an ethnic look when you get covers with embellishment, sequences, embroidery, tassels, patchwork, and many more.


When you go and consult interior designers you’ll find them suggesting more cushions, rugs, and throws to add to spice your room. You can even get some floor cushions to add more seatings and something new to your room.


Don’t overcrowd cushions on sofas, let them have space for people to sit on them. Make sure the number of cushions you have in your home is a significant number. Too many cushions will make your home look cluttered.

Adding rugs and carpets of complimenting colors or even similar colors can bring a new life to your room. Try using a cover that lies in the color palette of your home and does not look like something out of the world in your house.

When kept in a still position can look amazing, trying positions that won’t stay still without help will make your room look messier. Use different sizes and shapes of cushion covers with similar patterns or materials to give your home a different look.

If you have rugs in your home you can decorate your rugs with cushions too, choosing cushion covers according to your rug material and placing them on it can give it a more comfortable sitting arrangement. Using geometric designs on your cushion covers according to your wall designs can highlight your room’s right aspects.

You can even create a visual opera by matching your cushion covers according to your furniture. Using custom cushion covers or designer cushion covers can add the right artistic touch and vibe to your room. You can even add traditional ethnic cushions covers like embroidery, patchwork, sequences, and tassels to make it look more beautiful.


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