An Urban fashion brand launched back in 1978 would have had become an Urban legend. Only if fans did not get together and decide to bring it back to life. We are glad that it did not happen and we still Pelle Pelle recreations all over the world. This shows how much people loved it back in the day and are still fond of it even after decades. However, we never saw Marc quite often and he is still out of focus. But we did get to know that he has to close down the brand due to financial crises.

Pelle Pelle for kids

Yes, he is the founder and designer of long lost Pelle Pelle clothing brand. Although, in an interview, he did mention that he want to continue the brand. But since fans are not sure about it, therefore, we might have to wait for a while. Anyhow, until he comes back with new beginnings, fans are here to take on the legacy and move forward with it.

What Will You Be Reading?

If you are still unable to figure out the purpose of this article then let us shed light on it. In the following article, you are going to check out the Pelle Pellekids’ collection. Many of you might not be familiar with this collection because at the time Marc launched the collection, it was mostly for adults. Or perhaps, many of you did not have kids back then – but Marc is widely known for his exquisite fashion sense that is for everyone. Be it kids, teenagers, adults, etcetera.

Pelle Pelle Collection for Kids

Now you don’t have to be worried about what your kids are going to wear on their next vacation. Because we are pretty much sure that after reading this article, you’ll find out some of the best jackets for your kids. And these jackets are not unique but the main purpose of this collection is to keep them warm when the temperature drops. So let’s just get into it without any further distraction.

Pelle Pelle wool jacket with removable hood

Pelle Pelle Jacketsis supposed to provide you with ultimate comfort along with exceptional designs. That’s why we decided to put this one on the top of the list. Because we know that your kid is going to make a great impression with this blue wool jacket with a removable fur hood. This one comes from the legend series and is made with a wool blend. If we talk about the attributes of this jacket well then, we’d suggest you, be the judge yourself. The jacket has functional pockets inside out with ribbed waistbands and is embroidered at the back and on the chest. Present it to your kids and record their amusing reactions.

The denim supremacy

Whether it’s jackets or pants, we should never ignore denim because it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to the fashion industry. And we know you would agree too. Marc did not limit his creativity to specific fabric or material, instead, he tried everything that was there including denim. Pelle Pelle Marc Buchanan Youth Boys/Girls Jean Denim Jacket is proof that he is not limited to leather. Which, btw, many people assume. The reason is the name of his brand — for those who don’t know, Pelle means leather. Anyways, this jacket might not be able to provide the expected warmth but it makes your kid stand out in a crowd. And that’s something, every parent wants. Pelle Pellekidscollection is more than just leather jackets. The following jacket is stylish, functional, and captivating enough. Pretty much everything in one package.

Kids Pelle Pelle Wool Hooded Bomber Jacket

You are not the only one who likes bomber jackets but kids are also fond of puffer and bomber jackets. And that’s the very reason Marc, being a founding father of the brand introduced Pelle Pelle wool hooded bomber jacket for kids. This kid bomber jacket is similar to the one for adults from its feature to its color, you won’t find any major changes except for the color. The following bomber jacket is purple which makes it ten times more appealing. Apart from that, you’ll encounter trimmed fur around the hood of the jacket.

Whether you have a boy or a girl, this can be worn by anyone regardless of gender barriers. So instead of deciding yourself, you better get an expert opinion from your kid! Because we are sure, they are going to love this just like other Pelle Pelle Hoodies.

Vintage Pelle Pelle kids varsity jacket wool yellow

To keep up with the vintage vibes, we have also added Pelle Pelle’s vintage kids’ wool varsity jacket to the list. Because we don’t know why but we think, the list would be incomplete without this one. So here we go. The good thing about this wool jacket is that it has been assembled with a wool blend externally, whereas to craft its inwards, the softest possible material has been used. Kids are fragile and they should be taken care of with love, affection, warmth, and care. And that is the ultimate motto of Pelle Pelle for kids as well as for everyone else. The following yellow wool jacket has a rib-knitted collar, cuffs, and waistband. Moreover, there are embroidered patches that make it more exquisite.

These Pelle Pelle Jackets and hoodies are proof that Buchanan did not only put effort into street clothing — but he made sure that he leaves none unattended. Therefore, he launched various collections throughout his career.


We never got to interact with Marc but we hope that wherever we will meet him, we’ll ask what inspired him to establish Pelle Pelle. The journey was never easy and he had to face criticism and controversies as well, but nothing could stop him. Maybe that’s why Pelle Pelle has such a huge fan base and all of them still want to have a glimpse of his work. And not only work but also him. Strangely, you won’t find anything about his personal life on the internet. Well, there is a possibility he wants to keep his life private which is justified.

Anyhow, we tried our best to bring you the four best and most unique jackets from the Pelle kids’ collection. And we wish to see your kids wearing these jackets.


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