It’s obvious that you need a face in order to be at the front of this competitive market, and by face, I mean a LOGO. There will be companies that are well established and the startups in your competition in that very industry. So, while making a strategy for marketing, don’t forget that how you communicate visually is as important as everything else. You can connect with your audience with the help of your Custom Logo Design, brochures, business cards, etc.

Well, in today’s world it’s difficult to run a business. In fact, a study shows that over 80% of startups get closed in the initial year and remain in the coming years. However, the few get their place in their selected industry. But aren’t you curious about those who made their way right into it? And who were the unfortunate ones who couldn’t? The winners were those who went the extra mile to focus on their visuals.

Logo Design Principles That Everybody Needs To Follow

The failures were those who didn’t think that the visuals were so important for any business to connect with the audience. That’s why businessmen nowadays usually don’t take it lightly as they are aware of the importance and put great emphasis on creating it. There’s a wide range there to which business owners think of creating including business cards, logos, brochures, website design, packages, etc.

But, the logo is the most important one among all as it’s going to be everywhere, on your stationery, your website, products, and packaging. Don’t you think you should think twice before just outsourcing it through a competition or selecting the online ones? It’s your logo through which people identify your company and products.

In such an industry where numerous rivals compete for clients’ notice, a logo is a crucial aspect of running a business. A logo can be used as an advertising strategy to bring a company’s items and offerings to the attention of potential clients. However, such benefits are only available when a custom logo design adheres to some well-established logo design principles.

5 primary rules you need to follow to get the best logo

First thing is to know who your audience is

While designing a logo the most crucial thing is to know who are those people you want to target, and what would they like and dislike. Ask some basic questions to yourself that could define you as a company, as you need to be considerate about your niche. Next, is to search for people who might want your products or services. Businessmen know many tricks, one is to look into it, who are those people interested in your offerings. You must be inquiring about that potential consumer’s diverse background. Therefore, learn about the crowd’s social, financial, academic, and ethnic diversity.

Knowing your audience can benefit you in that way: you can make your logo that attracts that specific group of people. For instance, if your audience is just girls, here you can put some girly or funky elements that attract them. A survey to know your audience can save you from wandering in vain.

Compare your’s from your competitor

The possibility is that you may be sharing the same niche with your competitors. And of course, they will be putting every effort to make their audience happy and engaged. It implies that you have an audience shared with several businesses and you have to drive their attention towards you.

So, it would be so good if your logo is different and unique from all of them. Otherwise, you will end up like that 80% who fail in the first year. In fact, the easy way to do it is to make a list of your competitors and their mighty logos. Focus on all of them and see what colors and typography they have used.

Additionally, be aware of how other companies in the equivalent industry use distinctive logos. Regardless of the fact that they all deliver comparable products or services, they all possess different style identities, such as logos, websites, and business cards. This comparison might assist you in creating a unique logo design. Simply avoid repeating colors, typefaces, layouts, and symbols.

Put it out on your sketchpad

A little sketching session can bring out a lot in you. The ideas you have in your mind, take them out on that sketchbook. Draw what comes to your mind, no matter good or bad, and put it out there. Ensure you come up with versions of those ideas of yours. You’ll be able to come up with a couple of good ideas that would function nicely for your company this way.

However, finish a drawing that has the possibility to catch people’s eye. Then, using the logo creator tool, add colors and other aspects to the design.

Be critical with your color choice

Don’t just use colors randomly. You wouldn’t want your audience to step away from your logo just because of your choice of colors. Keep in mind that people associate emotions with colors. Select wisely! Make a decision about what(emotion) you need to evoke in your customers. For instance, when we see the color orange, it gives a funky vibe but when we see the color black it gives off elegant vibes.

It implies that when you have middle-aged men in your audience, you can use black color. Whereas, pink represents the kindness and you can use this color with anything that relates to women’s products like bags or clothes. As a result, include colors that could represent the emotions you would like to elicit. The word you wish to send to your prospective clients via your custom logo design would be based on these sensations or feelings.

Choose the correct font

Fonts will be used if your logo includes your brand names in its whole, as an abbreviation, or even as a slogan. One of the most important characteristics of a font is that it provides every design a soul, giving it one of the most important design aspects. For the same cause, mostly legal businesses utilize serif fonts because they are non-formal or friendly looking. So, one of the main rules of logo design is to take your brand personality out there through a logo design.


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