We all want to live in a cleaner surrounding with fresh and pure air. But with the increasing level of pollution, smoke, dust, and contaminants, around us, that seems to be a distant dream. The toxic pollutants are deteriorating the quality of our life and causing health issues. For getting respite from the situation, investing in an air purifier does make sense. If you’re a property owner, the need of the hour is opting for an air purifier. It comes complete with extraordinary features which makes it a great investment in the longer run. But before buying, you should take into account a few factors so that you end up bringing the right product at home. Here are the things you need to consider:

air purifier

1. Consider the size or space of the room

If your living or drawing room is spacious, a small air purifier will not be effective. Hence for finding the ideal unit for your room, take a look at ‘air changes per hour. It will help you understand how they work for cleaning up a room as per its size and time needed to execute the task successfully. If you’re not sure about the size, opt for an LG air purifier as it is available in different dimensions.

2. Reasons for using it

Is it only for purifying the air from toxic pollutants? Are you trying to filter out or eliminate the annoying odor from paints? It’s vital to know the exact reason to opt for an air purifier and then buy accordingly. An LG air purifier is ideal because it is washable and eco-friendly.

3. Is it energy efficient?

After using a utility product like an air purifier, the last thing you want is huge electricity bills at the end of the month. Thus, investing in an energy-efficient unit is a good idea. It prevents energy consumption despite being used round the clock. An LG air purifier incorporates an eco-mode that facilitates users to keep it in a standby position when the sensors cannot spot the pollutants in the air. It helps in saving energy each time you use it.

4. Are you allergy-prone?

The performance of an air purifier depends on its size, material, and construction. But if you are susceptible to allergies or have health issues like asthma or any other respiratory disease, opt for the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA filter) for relief. It is because the unit gets rid of pollens, pet dander, and dust particles from the air and improves its quality. Avoid Ozone-based filters because they will aggravate your health concern. If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly option, then an LG air purifier is the best option.

5. Noise

For a bedroom, select a unit that produces low noise to have a peaceful night of sleep. Choose an LG air purifier as it generates lesser sound while operating because it has internal fans that help to pass the air.

6. Warranty period

Consider the warranty and after-sales customer support. You would not want to invest in a product that needs to be changed or replaced after 12 to 18 months. Since it is a big investment for your home up-gradation, get a warranty on the product to get coverage on the manufacturing defects.

An air purifier is a utility product, but if you don’t have sufficient funds, go for the RBL card by Bajaj Finserv and pay later for your purchase. Buy a Eureka Forbes air purifier and improve the quality of air at your indoors. Get exciting offers, paybacks, incentives, and other bonuses each time you choose to buy with the card.


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