Doors, entrances, and gates are revered as holy gateways in many different civilizations. Doors are significant in feng shui because they show where and how energy reaches your spaces. Fu dogs are renowned for being found in China’s Forbidden City.

These mythological creatures represent luck, security, and safety for the occupants of the areas they guard. You can find custom made dog statues in many places, both online and offline.

custom made dog statues

Learn the meaning of fu dogs in Feng Shui and exactly how to employ them to defend your space.

How Do Fu Dog Figurines Work?

Fu (or fo) dogs seem to be legendary guardian creatures that resemble lions. In China, you may see sculptures of the Fu dog guarding the gates and entrances of palaces, government buildings, temples, residences, and even tombs. These watchdogs were originally positioned to fend against any bad spirits.

Fu dogs are said to have descended from the lion’s protective image, which was brought to China with Buddhism. Lions guarded the gateways of many Buddhist temples.
Due to the lion’s non-native status in China, the fu dogs eventually developed to resemble other mythological creatures with appearances like dogs and lions. They’ll be standing in a fierce position, either on their front paw or holding one up in the air, prepared to attack.

Mysterious Door Guards

You may place fu dogs at your front entrance if you want to employ them as a feng shui enhancement to the house. Fu dogs are often positioned on either side of the doorway, facing away from the house’s interior and exterior.

Instead of placing them on the ground, it is best to pair them up. They are frequently seen standing at waist height above the ground on platforms. They don’t have to be enormous; however, they need to be proportionate to the structure or area they guard.

Two-headed Fu Dogs

On either side of an entrance, fu dogs are often observed in pairs. They stand for the yin and yang, or the male and female energies. Male (yang) paws are commonly observed perched atop balls.

A young pup is seen with the female (yin) fu dog. While standing in the doorway and looking out, the male will be on the side and the female on your left. If you can utilize a fu dog alone, without the pair, is a frequent query regarding them.

Since that is how they were meant to be utilized, the couple of fu dogs must always be used while making Feng Shui modifications. However, it should be permissible to utilize one if you find a lone fu dog and enjoy it as a statement piece. Don’t use it as a Feng Shui modification object for protection.

Because the full spectrum of colors will balance the five elements, Fu dogs with all these hues are likewise lucky. Treat the two precious items you have outside your house with the respect they deserve.

But if they’re exposed to the environment, they could deteriorate or sustain harm. Do your utmost to maintain the cleanliness and health of your guardian’s custom-made dog statues. It’s time to replace them if one of them damages itself beyond repair.


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