Menstrual health is very important for all women in the world. Most doctors and specialists often classify regular periods as a sign of a healthy body and fertility. Women who have issues with reproductive health often have no periods or very little period flow in the months leading to an issue.

This is often the first symptom of something amiss in the reproductive system and must be checked with a doctor or specialist. Ayurvedic treatments have effectively managed these problems, especially with ayurvedic syrup for irregular periods.

ayurvedic syrup for irregular periods

These syrups are made with the best herbal ingredients and are known to have therapeutic and detoxifying effects on the body. The most important of all the potions are the Kumaryasavam for periods tonic, one of the best medicines known to be most effective for periods issue.

What is Kumarayasavam?

Kumaryasavam is an ayurvedic syrup for periods of problems that is made from the extracts of various herbs known to be excellent for the human body.

Kumaryasavam is a potion consisting of many of the ayurvedic ingredients known to detoxify the human body and help in cleansing the blood and maintaining balance. The tonic helps remove toxins, regularise the blood flow, helping in balancing the hormones and keeping the body’s metabolism active and energized.

Below is a list of ingredients that go into the making of Kumaryasavam:

1. Kumari Rasa

Kumari rasa is Aloe Barbadensis – an aloe vera species known to detoxify the blood and purify the blood so that the reproductive system is altered and restored. It helps in energizing the human body.

2. Lauha Basma

A form of iron is known to help increase the level of RBC in women and therefore help with disorders such as anemia, which is common in women.

3. Madhu

Madhu or honey is an excellent metabolism aid and helps in balancing the doshas in the body as well as cleanses the body off of toxins.

4. Long Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Coriander

All of these belong to a class of spices, all of which are known to improve the immunity in the body and help in resistance to infection, allergies and other disorders in the human body. Due to their heat-inducing qualities, they are excellent in improving the metabolism of the body and help in balancing energy levels.

5. Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amlaki

Together, these ingredients form Triphala, an excellent boost for digestion, immunity, metabolism and balancing of all the doshas in the human body. They are known to improve the human body by aiding in detoxification, boosting healing and immunity.

Benefits of Kumaryasavam for women

Kumaryasavam is a natural medicine and ayurvedic syrup for irregular periods in women. It helps detoxify the body, cleansing the blood and restoring the body’s health. It also aids in developing good blood by improving the RBC level, aiding in metabolism, and boosting energy in the body.

It helps in balancing the doshas and, therefore, the secretion of hormones at the right level, which promotes the proper onset of periods at proper intervals. It also helps in boosting immunity and prevents any sickness due to infections, and helps in faster healing in the body.


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