Adults suffer from a range of problems due to aging and the eventual loss of control over muscles and body parts. Aging is one of the number one reasons for a host of disorders such as loss of bladder control, loss of bowel control (termed incontinence), lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, etc.

These disorders can be rarely controlled as they are caused by the aging of the body parts and the loss of control in muscle functions, but they can be managed using insert pads for incontinence issues, diet changes for lifestyle issues and regular movement, a key part of daily life.

Insert Pads

All these simple things, along with equipment such as blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, walking aids and adult diapers for incontinence management, can control this disorder. These tools and utilities make the lives of older adults easier irrespective of living alone or in a home with assistance.

What is Incontinence?

Incontinence is a medical term that refers to the lack of control over the muscles that coordinate the removal of waste from the body, either in the form of urine or stool. The muscles that support the urinary and bowel excretion function are the pelvic floor and the ducts such as the anus and the urethra.

These muscles are supported by the hundreds of nerves that run through them, helping the brain to control these muscles and therefore providing the right action.

In case of a person loses out on the sensation in these nerves because of a lack of neural control, it becomes harder for the brain to control these actions, such as holding the urine for a few moments until one can find a place to relieve themselves or in case of a bowel movement.

When a person is affected by incontinence of the urinary functions or of bowel functions, they lose out on the control that they have over these parts and muscles of the body. This is when the patient may pass urine or bowel movements without their knowledge.

This is often caused due to aging and due to the eventual weakening of the muscles and nerves in the body. This can hardly be ever restored in the case of older adults. But it can be managed thanks to products such as adult diapers and insert pads.

What are Adult Insert pads?

Insert pads are similar to sanitary napkins that women use during menstruation. Unlike the extra thin texture that can handle blood flow, insert pads are developed using skin-friendly materials such as cotton and gel-locking cotton mesh that helps soak the patient’s urine.

Unlike adult diapers, these are handier and less bulky and suitable for middle-aged men and women who have incontinence and those who are older.

They are especially great for those who do not want bulky adult diapers and need something easier and lighter to use or something more discreet. Men and women who are in their middle ages may also suffer from incontinence due to various issues such as:

  • Insertion of a catheter in surgical procedures
  • Postpartum muscle weakness
  • Menopausal muscle weakness
  • Lack of neural control
  • Past surgeries

In these scenarios, adult diapers and insert pads are the best options for patients to manage incontinence effectively.


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