Are you a candidate for the UPSC Examination? Looking for the IAS syllabus for UPSC 2023? Here you can get the information about the IAS syllabus and all the detailed information for the exam 2023.

UPSC stands for union public service commission. Every year, many candidates appear for this examination. The selection criteria of this exam are difficult, therefore a lot of guidance is usually provided on online websites. The candidates get different ideas for UPSC Mains Syllabus parts and about their preparation.

IAS Syllabus for UPSC Prelims And Mains 2023

Mainly the first stage of the UPSC examination is of IAS Prelims. The first and entirely different stage for IAS officers, There are almost 10 lakh candidates who appear in this exam every year and want their selection on the basis of merit. This is also the average number of candidates. Every year, the amount varies and increases. Some of the candidates pass through and some get experience from mistakes.

The way of learning is different for all of you. The information can be gained from different sources. Here the main reason is to inform you about the “ What is UPSC exam”? and “ what is the IAS syllabus”? Now in both cases, the articles have provided many informative details by gathering small chucks for you. Read the article about the IAS syllabus for UPSC Prelims and mains 2023.

Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for the IAS Prelims syllabus is different. Before considering the IAS Prelims syllabus, the need is to follow the paper pattern and exam preparation. The exam pattern is provided for your understanding.

Compulsory papers

  • General Studies –Paper I
  • General studies-Paper II

Marks Allocated

Total marks: 400

GS paper I-200 marks

CSAT-200 marks

Time allocation – 2 Hours each

Papers Details of IAS Prelims

The two main compulsory papers that are included in the examination are of two types:

General Studies

The first paper is linked with general studies as the entry test.


The papers that are included in this study are as:

  1. Indian Polity
  2. Geography
  3. History
  4. Indian Economy
  5. Environment and Ecology

Civil Service Aptitude Test

The syllabus for the CSAT exam is made for accessing the talent of the candidates. The candidates can be accessed on the syllabus selection. Once the syllabus is analysed, the exam preparation can be easy for the candidates.

Syllabus for Paper-Prelims I

The syllabus for both papers has been discussed with you in detail. The syllabus provides detailed information about the paper content. If you read the criteria below given, then the preparation step will be easier.

  • History of India and the Indian National Movement
  • Indian and World Geography
  • Indian Polity and Governance
  • Economic and Social Development
  • Environmental Ecology

UPSC Syllabus For CSAT paper-Prelims II

The paper syllabus for the CSAT paper is given for your information. Analyse the content of the syllabus and get the information before the exam date.

  • Comprehension
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Decision making
  • General mental ability

The above content is all about the CSAT paper. This content will help you in preparation.

UPSC Syllabus for Mains

Here you get the idea regarding the UPSC syllabus for Mains. In this, there are different papers which are conducted and each one has its own syllabus. This is somewhat more complicated for the entry candidates. However, look at the syllabus and analyse the content for a detailed study.

  • Paper 1 – Essay – 250 marks
  • Paper-II – General Studies-I – 250 marks
  • Paper –III – General Studies-II – 250 marks
  • Paper-IV – General Studies-III – 250 marks
  • Paper-V J General Studies-IV – 250 marks
  • Paper-VI – Optional subject-paper I – 250 marks
  • Paper VII – Optional subject-Paper II – 250 marks

The above is all about the UPSC main syllabus for your guidance. Analyse the content and study them in detail before appearing in the exam.

Interesting facts for UPSC Mains

Before appearing in UPSC mains, the need is to study some of the important facts related to UPSC Exams

  • The IAS exam consists of two phases: Prelims and Mains. After successfully passing from Prelims, you can avail the opportunity of appearing in the Mains Exam.
  • The main exam deeply understands the calibre of the candidate. Try to focus on your inner knowledge to have a complete grip on passing this exam.
  • There are a total of 9 main exams, among which two are qualifying papers.
  • The qualifying papers are 300 marks each: Any Indian language paper and English language paper.

As a candidate, you must focus on the language papers for passing the exam criteria. Once you pass the language paper, you can easily go through the exam with Legacy IAS Academy.


What is the syllabus for the candidate for IAS Prelims Exam?

The syllabus comprises different subject content. The content can be related to general subjects. Analyse the subject syllabus thoroughly.

How many total papers are included in the IAS Prelims Exam?

There are almost 2 compulsory subjects. The candidate has to pass through these two compulsory subjects before entering the Main Exam.

Can a candidate appear in the Main exam before the Prelims exam?

No, the first stage for you is to pass the Prelim exam. If you pass the Prelim exam, then the candidate can enter the Main examination.

What are the two main papers for IAS candidates?

The two main papers for IAS candidates are linked with the Mains and Prelim Exam. The entry test must be passed by the candidate for further process.


On a final note, the candidate must analyse the IAS syllabus for UPSC Prelim and Main. Try to focus on the syllabus of the UPSC exam and prepare yourself for the examination.


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