The majority of people love food. This has led people to experiment with creative recipes. Hundreds of new recipes are being developed every day. However, with a variety of spices, and greasy curries, all these innovations are happening right in our kitchen. Therefore, it is needed to make sure that the kitchen can deal with oily particles and toxic fumes.

Faber Chimney VS Kaff Chimney What Things Make It Different

Installing a modern kitchen chimney is the best way to do this. Now, people have questions about which brand to trust? And which company is ruling the market? Faber chimney and Kaff chimney are the two brands that are at the top right now. Faber is known for its wide range of powerful chimneys. Kaff is best known for its installation service.

Here is a detailed comparison between these two brands:

Auto clean feature- Auto-cleaning chimneys are much more effective than traditional chimneys. These chimneys typically have automatic non-stick aluminium blowers. These blowers provide easy passage for all harmful fumes. The blowers also collect oily particles in a separate oil collector. Both these brands provide models with this feature. However, people can’t decide which one they should get. From existing users’ experience, it can be said that Faber is way too better than Kaff in this case. Many users said that they had enjoyed a stress-free experience with Faber’s auto-clean function.

  • Suction power– The suction power represents the amount of air sucked in and out of the kitchen chimney. Your chimney will need the suction power as per the size of your kitchen. In this case, Faber won the competition. The suction power used in Faber chimneys is 1500 m3/hr. While latest Kaff chimneys provide a maximum suction power of 1180 m3/hr.
  • Silent chimney– There is a misconception that ‘Silent-Chimney’ is a myth. But Faber proved it wrong. Faber made its chimneys remarkably noiseless. Faber was the first to use active noise reduction technology called Sil-K Act technology. For this reason, Faber won the battle with the Kaff chimney.
  • Filter– A filter is a lifeline and extremely important for a kitchen chimney. Mesh filters, baffle filters, and carbon filters are the three main types of filters. The baffle filter is the most suitable. Baffle filters easily outperform others as they have some added advantages. These filters are mainly made of stainless steel and heavy-duty aluminium curved plates. These curved plates absorb all kinds of smoke from cooking and expel it out of the kitchen through the chimney. This leads you to a smoke-free cooking experience. Also, this filter uses a special method called ‘cut and splash’. This technology separates the grease from the smoke. It gets the gas particles out of the chimney. It is also easy to maintain. The filter is easily detachable. In this case, both brands win as both of them use this filter in their products.
  • Price– You will find the best chimney under 10,000 in both brands. Budget is an important matter to deal with. So it is common to search for the best product with minimum cost. Both brands keep this thing in mind and provide the best features under 10,000. With the help of financing companies such as Bajaj Finserv, you can get an EMI option and the best insurance policy for your expensive chimney.
  • Customer service– This comparison is a little complicated. Kaff is known for its great customer service. But you may face a little problem in terms of getting a response from their team. But once you get the response, they provide the best pre and post-installation services. It will satisfy you enough. On the other hand, Faber has a bad reputation for its customer service. Customers often complain about their technicians being untrained.
  • Replacement policy– Faber offers a 15 days return policy on defective products. But they nullify the return policy if they find out any misreports of the damage. In this case, they can also increase the repair charges. On the other hand, Kaff allows 10 days return policy. And they don’t allow the customers to open the package without a Kaff representative.


Food-loving people tend to experiment with creative recipes. All these experiments happen in the kitchen. So the kitchen must be clean and free from smoke and oil. Here modern kitchen chimneys can help you with this task. When it comes to choosing a chimney, people search for a detailed comparison between kitchen chimney brands. Latest Kaff chimneys are the best companies to choose from. You can choose on the basis of auto-clean features, suction power, noise reduction technology, filter, and many more. Customer services, replacement policies, and warranty are also important factors. Faber is better in auto-clean feature as it already satisfied more customers compared to Kaff. Faber’s suction power is 1500 m3/hr, while Kaff provides a suction power of 1180 m3/hr. Faber is one step ahead of Kaff in case of noise reduction technology in kitchen chimneys. Both brands use baffle filters. Kaff provides better customer service compared to Faber.


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