When a loved one suffers a bereavement, the grief can be overwhelming. Trying to put together a bouquet or write a card that accurately captures the depth of your feelings can be difficult, if not impossible. That’s where this guide comes in. In it, you’ll learn about the different types of sympathy flowers, how to choose them, and how to send a sympathy flowers delivery. By following these simple tips, you’ll ensure that your condolences are met with appreciation and understanding.

sympathy flowers delivery

Which flowers should you pick?


Carnations are recognized for their lovely ruffled petals and distinctive perfume. Funeral wreaths and memorial arrangements frequently feature these blossoms. Select red carnations to show the family that you’ll be there for them no matter what, or pink carnations to honour the memory of a loved one.


Lilies are lovely flowers to send to the departed’s family because they are often associated with new beginnings and chapters. These flowers serve as a nice reminder to the family that their beloved one will not be forgotten and that they should focus on a fresh perspective on life. In Christianity, the lily represents the concept that the soul of the deceased has been given fresh life.


Because orchids can live far longer than other flowers, they communicate eternal love. It’s not always easy to select which orchids are the best because there are so many varieties. The most popular sympathy flowers are pink and white orchids, which represent innocence, remembrance, and memories.


The classic rose is the only flower that can transmit beauty in the same way that it can. Roses are widely used to express love and gratitude, making them an excellent choice for memorial services and sympathy presents. Whether you order flowers for delivery in the form of white roses to represent remembering or red roses to express affection, you’ll be holding a stunning arrangement.

Choosing the right size for your arrangement

The sort of sympathy flower arrangements you select will be determined by where the flowers will be delivered. Large, standing arrangements can usually be delivered directly from an online florist to funeral homes where funerals are being held. Choose smaller flower bouquets if you’re sending flowers to someone’s home.

The Card

It can be tough to put your sentiments into words. “Sincerest condolences,” “With love and sympathy,” or “Our prayers are with you” are common phrases on sympathy or funeral flower cards. Within reason, make sure to add the first and last names of everyone who helped with the flowers on the card.

When Should You Send?

Sending sympathy flowers to a bereaved family is never inappropriate. You can still send a nice arrangement to the family’s house, even if you only learned about the news after the funeral rites have already taken place.

Sending flowers as a form of sympathy is a gesture that often leaves a lasting impression. That’s why we make it our mission to ensure that your sympathy flowers are delivered with style and class. From stunning bouquets to sweet treats, our unique selection of funeral flowers will let your loved ones know that you’re thinking of them. Plus, with SnapBlooms, you can be sure that your order will be delivered on time!


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