Many tourists ask this question, as they prepare for their tour of Southeast Asia that takes in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and, of course, Singapore. Each nation has its own unique charm and that includes Singapore and if you are planning a short stay in this vibrant nation, here is our top 5 list of Singapore attractions.

what are the top sightseeing attractions in singapore

1. Singapore Botanic Gardens– This 160-year-old garden is located at one end of the famous Orchard Road shopping complex and staying at one of the Orchard Road hotels in Singapore is the best place as you are centrally located. The gardens were originally created by the Singapore Agricultural Society in the mid-19th century to experiment with the rubber tree species. Within the botanical gardens, sits the National Orchid Garden, where you can view amazing examples of this exotic species.

2. Universal Studios – This must be on your list of places to visit; an amazing theme park on Sentosa Island that offers many thrilling rides and spectacular shoes to keep you entertained. Here you will find world-class rollercoaster rides that defy gravity, plus some amazing shows that you won’t see anywhere else. Battlestar Galactica is a 90kph rollercoaster ride with a difference; some say it is the scariest ride on the planet and who are we to disagree?

3. National Gallery of Singapore – If you find art stimulating, you should pay the National Gallery a visit; 64,000 square metres for displaying a diverse range of local art. Both modern and ancient art are represented in this gallery, with more than 9,000 art items displayed. There are more than 2 million visitors annually that visit the gallery, which is a reflection of the quality of art. Click here for how to find the most interesting holiday destinations.

4. Night Safari – Located in Mandal, this was the very first nocturnal zoo in the world, which came from an idea in the 1980s and eventually, in 1994, the Safari was opened at a cost of $63 million. The Night Safari forms part of the Mandal Wildlife Reserve, with more than 900 nocturnal animals displaying their behaviours. A 50-minute tram ride takes you around the zoo and you can disembark to explore the numerous walking illuminated paths. Fantastic for Instagram images, the Night Safari is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore.

5. Gardens by the Bay – 250 acres of stunning greenery, the Gardens of the Bay comprises huge towers that connect skyways and a couple of massive conservatories. Admission is free, with the exception of the flower domes, where you can enjoy rotating floral arrangements. One of the most spectacular sights you can find in Singapore, there are a few bay gardens on the waterfront and lots of places to eat and drink.

If this is your first time in Singapore, get ready for an amazing experience and staying on Orchard Road puts you in the centre of the sights.


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