We all spend most of our time at home; there is no doubt that it is our personal space between four walls. It represents our lifestyle and indicates our choices. And everyone wants it to be warm and welcoming. But what if your home requires an update or redo? Isn’t it expensive? Well, no, you don’t have to change your entire wall work or replace your furniture or break the bank.

You can easily spruce things up by using some simple DIY ideas and home decor fabric. Don’t be overwhelmed if you are not feeling that creative and artful, as these are easy crafts to do at home with small efforts. These craft ideas demand a small trip to your fabric scrap collection, sewing skills, and craft ideas to do at home, and voila, you are ready to give a stunning look to your favourite place. You can also go with home decor fabrics wholesale and can update your look time by time.

home furnishing fabrics

Fabric wall art

Every house has one simple, sad, blank wall that demands change. But this one side of the home serves as a canvas on which you can do art in plenty of ways. So be ready to give a makeover to that untouched and sad wall.

With fabric wall art, you can give a new life to the entire wall and you will see that your old and lonely wall has become your favourite corner of the house. Finally, for this, you just need to pick your fabric and cork board.

Measure the fabric as per the material you are going to cover for the wall decor, keeping in mind that the fabric should have some extra edges. Later, place the cork board in between the fabric, stretch the material away to fold and staple the sides, but make sure not to get any sort of wrinkles.

Do it with different fabrics, but remember different colour combinations and sizes. Do not be tedious and make it fun with hues of different shades.

Lamp shade cover

Are you bored with the same lampshade? But replacing lamps could cost an arm and a leg, yet you can change the dull lamp light with just some help from beautiful fabric. So, pick the material of your choice with some amazing patterns and designs. Besides, don’t forget to take a measure of the lamp. Finally, cover it with the fabric of your choice and glue it.
To make it more funky and vibrant, you can go with different fabric strips and patterns and sew them all together to spice up your lampshade. Just make sure the lamp cover complements your other home decor.

Scrappy bedding

Who doesn’t want a beautifully decorated bed? But those luxury pillow covers and blankets are like daylight robbery, right?

But you can have that unique and decorous bedding with just some scraps of clothes. Take a dive into the ocean of scraps, choose elegant ones, sew them in ruffle style and put them on a blanket as a strip design. You can also go with putting them on the edges. And that‘s it, you are ready to have stylish bedding.

Do creativity by picking a range of shades of scraps and combining them to get an energetic and sparkling decor.

Ruffle cushion cover

Do you want to craft an amazing cushion cover with your favourite piece of cloth but don’t have enough desire for sewing? Yet, don’t worry, you can have some amazing cushion covers without sewing.

Just pick a ruffled table runner and some fabric glue. Fold the table runner over and glue the three edges to keep one side open to fill the cushion. You can also create your own cushions by filling them up with stuff.


Decorating a home is an art, and with these tiny and handcrafted craft ideas, you can be an artist too. You don’t need tons of effort; even unimaginative folks could fabricate DIY home decor ideas. These DIY home decor ideas are budget-friendly and do not need lots of work.
To give an elegant touch to your home decor stuff, indeed be sure to buy high-quality material which you would get only in fabric lore. We have a marvellous collection of home furnishing fabric which includes blends of materials with modern trends. So why wait, pick your favourite fabric and decorate your home.

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