A Helicopter Joyride in Mumbai is a fantastic way to see the city from 700 feet above. Mumbai and its environs are breathtakingly beautiful. While celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or proposal, a Helicopter Tour of Mumbai would add to your delight. From your recliner in the sky, take in the panoramic views of Mumbai’s Helicopter and its shoreline. From your Helicopter Ride in Mumbai Juhu price, see the city’s top attractions from a different perspective and learn intriguing facts about them. Helicopter Darshan of Mumbai is now available to book. In Mumbai, Accretion Aviation offers 15-minute, 20-minute, 30-minute, and one-hour Helicopter Joyride options. On Robinson R44 and Augusta helicopters, we provide Mumbai Helicopter Tours. The Robinson R44 can accommodate three passengers, but the Augusta can accommodate six.

Helicopter Ride In Mumbai

With our helicopter joy rides and chopper flights offered in Mumbai, you can become one with the sky and experience a spectacular birds-eye perspective. This thrill ride is not only for tourists; it will also provide residents with a never-before-seen helicopter view of Mumbai!

The helicopter ride in Mumbai, which is available at great costs, will provide you with an unforgettable experience – 1000 feet above the ground! What’s even better? You get to enjoy a memorable experience without burning a hole in your wallet! We even provide a ‘helicopter rent by the hour’ option to personalise this experience as much as possible. Our top-of-the-line helicopters in Mumbai will carry you wherever you want to go!

Whether it’s a special occasion, a birthday helicopter flight, or just a helicopter ride you want to take, we can help.

We also offer the opportunity to take an incredible aerial tour of the city with views that will make your heart skip a beat – available in Hyderabad, Mysore, Delhi, and many other Indian cities! Ideal for couples and anybody looking for a unique present – minutes of joy!

From the minute you arrive on our website and contact our team to learn more and make reservations, we strive to make your experience as simple as possible. Our foolproof and customer-friendly procedures will entice you to leave inconvenient situations at the door. ‘Great Service,’ ‘Definitely recommend,’ and ‘Great Costs’ are frequently used by our clients to describe our services – because we put our consumers first.

Timetables & Reservations

On all days of the week, we have slots available for our Helicopter Ride in Mumbai service between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. To book your rides and learn more about the costs, give us a call or send us an email.

A joyride for 15 minutes

Juhu Beach – Andheri – Santacruz Airport View – Powai – Vihar Lake – Film City Goregaon – Juhu Beach – Andheri – Andheri – Andheri – Andheri – Andheri – Andheri – Andheri – (East)

Juhu Beach – Bandra – Worli Sea Link – Dadar – Mumbai Central – Mahalaxmi – Haji Ali – Antellia – Juhu Beach – Bandra – Worli Sea Link – Dadar – Mumbai Central – Mahalaxmi – Haji Ali – ( South )

Andheri-Pagoda-Essel World in one direction and Malad-Goregaon-Andheri-Santacruz Airport in the other ( North)

A joyride for 20 minutes

Juhu Beach – Andheri – Santacruz Airport View – Powai – Vihar Lake – Mulund – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – Thane – (East) Juhu Beach – Bandra – Worli Sea Link – Dadar – Mumbai Central – Mahalaxmi – Haji Ali – Antellia – Girgaon Chowpatty – Wankhade – Churchgate – Marine Drive – and return ( South )

Juhu Beach – Andheri – Pagoda – Essel World – Water Kingdom and one round over Pagoda – Essel World – Water Kingdom and back through Malad – Goregaon – Andheri – Santacruz Airport

A joyride for 30 Minutes

Juhu Beach, Andheri, Pagoda, Essel World, Water Kingdom, and one circuit over Pagoda, Essel World, then towards Goregaon Film City, Powai Lake, Vihar Lake, and returning with a view of the Santacruz Airport. (To the north and east)

Juhu Beach, Bandra, Worli Sea Link, Dadar, Mumbai Central, Mahalaxmi, Haji Ali, Antellia, Girgaon Chowpatty, Wankhade, Church Gate, Marine Drive, and the entire Colaba Area 1 hour joyride to the south and back.


If the North is not indicated for a 15-minute Joyride, we shall use the East Mumbai route on a regular basis. However, the helicopter routes in Mumbai for 10, 15, 20, and 30-minute journeys would be determined by runway operations at Santacruz Airport and ATC approval. The routes are determined and approved by Air Traffic Control (ATC) and are subject to change at any time without notice.

How much does a helicopter trip cost?

This Mumbai chopper ride takes 15 minutes to finish and costs Rs. 10,100/- per person for a family of four. You can schedule a helicopter trip to Mumbai by visiting a website or calling us right now.


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