More and more companies and advertisers are joining this new business tool called YouTube, which is becoming more relevant over time. Among the most important advantages that the YouTube platform offers to different businesses we have the following:

  • Low cost of advertising, especially compared to television.
  • Easy to integrate with your digital marketing strategy and your website.
  • Ability to create audiovisual content to reinforce your text content.

YouTube is the second search engine with the highest number of queries, only behind the famous Google. Every minute, over 100 hours of video content is added to the platform, so it’s safe to say that there’s a good chance your content will be seen. The big question is: how do you get users to prefer to watch your videos before your competition?

create an optimized video

Making your video go viral is a very complicated situation, but not impossible. To do this, you must take the time to implement good practices on YouTube for the optimization of your videos. Here are some tips to create an optimized video on YouTube, to help you position it in the first search results.

Include your channel information and social media profiles

Try to include the most relevant information about your brand on your YouTube channel. Make sure that users understand your descriptions, and with a single read, they know what type of content they will find on your channel. Also, include your other social media profiles and a link to your website. If you integrate all your presence in your channel, you will be able to reinforce the image of your company; In addition, you will have the possibility of generating traffic from YouTube to websites relevant to your business.

Generate traffic on forums and social networks

Professional online forums and social networks, such as Quora and LinkedIn, are great tools for driving traffic and views to your video if they are informative. What you should know is that users hate when links to your content are included. However, if you are talking about that topic and your content adds to the conversation, it may be a good idea to share your video.

Keyword research

Before defining the theme of your video, it is important to research some relevant keywords associated with your field or business. You will need to consider this list of queries to optimize your YouTube video. While it’s great to be at the top of YouTube, it’s much better to be in Google search results. So, you must consider the keywords so that your videos have relevance on these platforms.

Includes clear descriptions

Always remember that YouTube does not know what your video contains. To determine what it’s about, this search engine’s algorithm will pay close attention to your video descriptions. The clearer and more objective your description are, the more likely your video will appear in a high position when someone is searching for content like yours.

Include catchy titles

On YouTube, the title cannot exceed 70 characters and should always contain keywords relevant to your video. This will ensure that the full title shows up in search results. Also, keep in mind that by being descriptive with the video, it will be easier for users to find it and be encouraged to watch it.

Increase your subscribers

The most important factor is the user experience on YouTube, and one of the ways to determine how good your video is by the number of likes and subscribers obtained. If users like your video, you will be more likely to rank for some keywords. Due to these factors, it is a very good idea to include a call to action in your video so that users “Like” it or subscribe to your channel.

Quality content

To get a large number of views, it is essential that your video is entertaining and/or informative and worth sharing. Not all the traffic your video gets will come from YouTube alone. Better content is more likely to be shared by major websites. Another good idea is to stay on top of new trends, and if people are searching for your topic, they are more likely to find you.

Create an original channel

Creating, building, and developing your channel is a great way to post and share content about your products or services. As your YouTube channel is the face of any possible client, make sure that it reflects your company and that it is always up to date. It should look similar to your website in terms of color scheme and graphics.

Make annotations

With annotations, it will be easy for you to add more comments and information to your video in an interactive way. However, many businesses have problems implementing them. It’s hard to make them look professional or use them creatively. Also, you can use annotations for calls to action, which take users to your website where they can make a purchase and generate traffic from YouTube.

Add the categories

YouTube’s search algorithm attempts to interpret what the user’s intent is when making a query. For this reason, by setting your video as the most relevant category, it will be easier for you to appear as a result, which will make YouTube recommend your video among others of the same theme.


Without a doubt, YouTube is a powerful tool that will help you get more traffic to your website, as long as you follow good practices and correctly optimize each of your videos of your products or services.


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