Due to Global warming, weather related incidences are high. Heavy rains and storms leading to floods have significantly increased. Prevention is better than cure. As a homeowner, it is essential to prevent your home from rain damage before it is too late. Failure to take precautions leads to enormous expenses in making repairs or even constructing a new house. Heavy rain and severe storms can be scary so having your family in a safe environment is vital. As a homeowner, there are several easy and affordable methods you can use to protect your home, including.

Easy & Affordable Ways to Protect Your Home in Heavy Rain

Ensure You Have a Proper Landscape

Before purchasing a home, you need to take note of some things. When it is raining, water should not be flowing in the direction of your house. Instead, it should flow away. Add soil to your house’s foundation to direct the water toward the drainage system. If the process is too tricky, worry less if you have yet to pay attention to some of these details and keenly contact landscapers to do the job for you.

Constant Inspection of Your Roof

The roof is an essential part of the house when it comes to heavy rains. Before moving into your new house or when in the place, contact professionals specializing in home inspection to thoroughly check any damages. A weak roof cannot stand heavy rains or strong winds; therefore, ensure it is fixed to prevent significant injuries. An annual home inspection would go a long way in saving you money from potential damages. If your roof is already showing signs of a leak, cover your room with good quality roofing tarps. They can help protect your roof from further damage.

Installation of a Backflow Valve

The last thing you would want to deal with is sewage backflow. It is the most stressful one, especially during heavy rains. Backflow is a significant health hazard in your home and can cause many uncalculated health expenses. Installing a backflow valve is vital to prevent these circumstances from happening. The excellent part about backflow valves is that they work automatically when water backs up or during flooding. The water is directed outside instead of into the house. The manual valve is affordable, but you decide when to close it.

Have a Strong Foundation

A house’s foundation is the pillar that holds the place. A strong foundation prevents water from entering the home through cracks and holes. A weak foundation can cause a building to collapse during floods. When purchasing a house, these are some of the things you should inspect before paying.

Consider purchasing or building a house with raised pillars in areas with constant heavy rain, a safe distance to the level water can reach.

Trim Tree Branches

Accidents happen suddenly, but instead of getting surprised, try being cautious of any possible incidents. Hanging tree branches may cause grave danger from being struck by lightning or falling by strong winds. The branches may fall on your roof and cause the entire house to flood. They may also fall on electric wires and cause blackouts or could fall on your car and cause huge damages and unexpected costs. It is essential to prevent any potential accidents from occurring.

Installation of a Sump Pump in Your Basement

Investing in a sump pump for your basement is essential. It pumps water out when floods begin, preventing water from reaching the rest of the house. Basements are the first spot water runs during heavy rains because of their ground level. The pump filters the water and directs it to the sewerage drainage system. Depending on your basement’s size, you will decide whether to opt for a high-level or low-level electricity capacity sump pump.

Sealing of Windows and Doors

It may look like a simple and obvious way to protect yourself from heavy rains, but it is the most vital method to prevent flooding. Always ensure to check if they are in good condition constantly. A window or door that leaves gaps when it closes or that has cracks is not advisable. In these cases, replace the window frames or add sealant to seal the holes left.


A home is considered an investment and a safe space for you and your family. Therefore, protecting your loved ones from accidents and protecting your house from damage is essential.


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