It does not matter if you are doing these examinations in the comfort of your own home; you should approach them in the same manner as if you were sitting in a traditional classroom. During the online proctored tests, you should do some things and certain things that you should avoid. We will go over both of these topics in this article.

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Do's and Don'ts of Proctored Exam

If you are going to take an online proctored exam, you must utilize either your computer system or a laptop that meets the specified technical requirements. You will also require access to a reliable internet connection location.

Do’s Of Online Proctored Exams:

Before the beginning of the test, you need to go through the following list of things with your pupils that they should never forget to do:

Keep Your Camera On!

A candidate must have both a camera and a microphone when undergoing an examination. It is crucial to ensure that you turn on your camera and microphone during the testing phase.

Keep All The Stationary Ready!

It would be best to have the necessary stationery to try the test in written form. Before beginning the exam, check to see that you have an adequate supply of sheets. Additionally, remember to bring the additional pens if you need them.

Check The Lighting:

Ensure that there is enough amount of lighting in the area. Because the proctors are pretty particular about who is sitting in each student’s seat, they insist that there must be enough illumination to see every part of your body.

Neutral Background:

It is crucial to have a neutral setting throughout the administered proctored tests. In addition to this, it is ideal that the students face a blank wall while they are in their assigned seats in the classroom.

Silence is Mandatory:

Your room must always maintain an atmosphere of complete stillness. The area must be as quiet as possible to make it.

Avoid Distractions:

When taking the exam, you must ensure that no one else is in the room with you. It would be great to have room for yourself when you deliver your test since many individuals might provide distractions.

Now let’s look at things that you must avoid if you give the online proctored exam.

Don’ts Of Online Proctored Exams:

While giving the online proctored exam, you must avoid the following things, or else you will cancel your exam.

Do Not Leave The Screen:

Before the actual exam starts, a test screen will display. It would be best if you remained glued to the test screen. Leaving can cause suspicion and make the proctor think that you are planning something not allowed during the exam.

Don’t Do Anything Suspicious:

You must navigate the test via the exam window since this window on your monitor will be proctored during the whole exam. If the proctor detects any questionable behavior while administering the exam, the proctor will annul the test.

Don’t Try To Cheat:

Remember that you are under surveillance from different angles during the online proctored exams. Hence, cheating during the test can result in exam cancellation.

Don’t Forget Your Student ID:

It is mandatory to have a student ID, driving license, or something that could confirm your identity, or else you would not be permitted to take the test.

Don’t Use Any Unwanted Gadget.

You cannot use any digital device during the test, including mobile phones or speakers compatible with Bluetooth technology. If this continues, we will have to label it as malpractice.

Don’t Forget About Sensors:

Do not utilize several simultaneous connections since the test might be suspended for that application if the sensor recognizes that you are doing so.

Maintain The Silence:

Keep in mind that you are aware that you are not permitted to speak to anybody else throughout the test. Moreover, maintaining silence is one of the crucial things in proctored exams.


A score of 0 gets assigned to the test if the candidate has violated the rules governing online proctoring and has an unsatisfactory rating. You will not get advanced education for the vast majority of your courses. Hence, it is crucial to avoid anything that can deduct your marks. 

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