Expenses, planning, and factors can overwhelm travelers when they travel. Trying your best to plan your travel adventure can result in this. Don’t be shocked.

Travel planning like a pro starts with educating yourself. Experienced travelers share their best tips in blogs and videos

I was impressed by how detailed and in-depth her tips are on this blog. The content is relevant to you, so we wanted to share it with you. The information is provided in the hope that you will find it useful.

Prepare a packing list and a schedule for your trip.

A Guide to Traveling Like a Pro

Write down your schedule before you begin packing. Packing for your trip is easier if you know what’s on your itinerary. 

Every detail of my trip is written down, even the number of underwear I will need. Checkmarks are placed next to each item in my bag as I pack it, to make sure I don’t forget anything. Although I travel with a carry-on bag, I check it frequently. To ensure nothing ever goes missing, I also keep a packing list to keep track of what’s in my bag.

Pack the heaviest items on the bottom

The heaviest items, such as shoes or your hair dryer, should be on the bottom of your suitcase when you stand it up. At the bottom, place your toiletry bag as well. When you stand a rolling bag upright, the wheels will actually be under the bottom, so this tip is particularly important if you have a rolling duffle bag.

Carry Vlogging Camera: 

Cameras were once a luxury, and you shared them on family holidays.

Nowadays, cameras have become essential for every traveler. People usually have two cameras; one built into their phones and one that is actually a camera. Taking travel photos with your smartphone is not a good idea, warns travel photographer Steven Frankel. Take a vlogging camera with you. Also, we can help you find the best vlogging camera under budget just visit the link.

Take your wardrobe and two pairs of shoes.

Pack items in the same color family for easy mixing and matching, so you can create new outfits and wear them with the one or two pairs of shoes you selected. It is best to stick to basic colors such as black, gray, navy, or beige if you want to make a statement. It is important to take comfortable shoes that go with everything (for example, Tieks in obsidian black are one of my favorite flat shoes to wear on vacation), dress up with heels or wedges for the evening, and watch out for flip-flops to wear in the hotel room or at the pool.

Make sure your toiletry bag is water-resistant.

The silicone travel tubes I use have been in use for at least eight years now, and I can tell you that they’ve never leaked, but in case one does leak, I use a toiletry bag that’s coated with a water-resistant material. It is easily wipeable and protects all of the other items in my suitcase from potential spills and messes while it is being wiped clean. It also comes with some great make-up bottles that make it perfect for storing all your liquids in your carry-on, as this reusable clear travel bag is perfect for storing all your TSA-approved liquids.

Protect clothing with cloth shoe bags 

Invest in cloth shoe bags for your good quality shoes and protect your clothing from the yuckiness your shoes will pick up. For those without shoe bags or who do not wish to buy them, I also use shower caps, which have elastic around them and fit perfectly around shoes. As for packing your Tieks, the pouch they come in makes them nice and compact.

Lock your Carry Bag

Checked bags aren’t safe for valuables these days, and that’s pretty much a given. Don’t forget to pack expensive jewelry (even sentimental pieces), prescription medications, electronics, and camera equipment in your carry-on.

Especially if your carry-on doesn’t fit under the seat directly in front of you, lock it with a lock or use the built-in lock. Travel-related thefts are estimated to occur on airplanes 24% of the time, according to Absolute Software’s study.


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