A leather jacket is definitely the most versatile and classic piece of apparel in both men’s and womenswear. A good leather jacket has the audacity to transform your casual look into a chic one, instantly.

To be honest, a leather jacket is an essential piece of wardrobe and is something that no man or woman can resist. Leather jackets have been in continuous evolution for more than decades now, and today, we have a huge collection of leather jackets to choose from.

Star Lord Jacket

With all the choices available, it can be quite hard to choose the perfect leather jacket, ain’t that true? Amongst all the colors, styles, leather skins, linings, and detailing – what to choose and what not? Oof, how overwhelming it is.

Customize your own leather jacket

How about if we say that you can customize your own leather jacket and get the jacket of your dreams in your hands, just the way you like? Star Lord Jacket is an online clothing brand that offers a huge variety of leather jackets in every color, style, and skin. Also, the brand offers to customize your own leather jacket, with their skilled assistance, to make life dreamy for you.

If you are one of those, who aren’t comfortable with the regular designs that anyone can grab onto, then this is where you belong. Here, we have a detailed step-by-step guide, that’ll lead you to get your dreamy leather jacket in your hands. So, are you ready to turn your thoughts and dreams into a classic piece of leather jacket? Well, let’s begin.

Step 01 – Choose the leather skin

First things first, choose the leather skin that you want your leather jacket in. Leather jackets are constructed from different animal hides, such as cowhide, lambskin, calfskin, horsehide, goatskin, etc. Every animal hide has different characteristics, such as durability, smoothness, strength, and more. Furthermore, some prefer faux leather jackets that are refined and waxed and are constructed from plastic-like materials.

Step 02 – Select the lining

Next, select the kind of line that you need your leather jacket to be paired with. The lining of a leather jacket adds durability and weight to the jacket, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. The bohemian lining is considered to be the best kind of lining that a leather jacket can be paired with, because of its smoothness and durability.

Step 03 – Decide the style

The hardest and yet the most important step – deciding the style. Today, leather jackets are available in several styles, such as biker, bomber, motorcycle, café racer, flight, trucker, and many more. You have to make up your mind and choose the style that you want to go with. Every style varies in looks and usability. For instance, a biker leather jacket is suitable for those who ride bikes and want to have apparel that can offer strength, warmth, and protection. Whereas, bomber leather jackets are the oldest kind of leather jackets, with a comfortable and warm feel.

Step 04 – Pick out the color

This is where you can play with your mind. You can choose any color from the palette and embrace yourself with the tone that you’ve dreamt of. If you want to play it safe, go with black, brown, or gray. But if you’re kind of a lively person, and want to try something different, you can play with colors such as red, maroon, blue, or pink.

Step 05 – Add some detailing

Since it’s your dreamy leather jacket, you can always add details that are specific to you, such as embroidered patches, initials, prints, or more. You can add sequencing or fringes to your leather jacket and make it unique and classy.

Step 06 – Make it fit perfectly

Last but not the least, make your leather jacket fit you perfectly! The fitting of your leather jacket is very important. You wouldn’t want your leather jacket to look like someone else’s, would you? The right fit from the shoulders, waist, and sleeves is important.


Get your leather jacket customized and embrace yourself with the apparel that you’ve been dreaming of. Add up details and designs to your leather jacket that can make it unique and chic for you, according to your personality. Let us make your dream come true, with high-quality leather material, solid color, and fine stitching.


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