We reached out to experts to find the truth once and for all.

You’re looking for a way to get longer hair, and this internet hack promises it can help. Castor oil for hair growth. Although many claims that castor oil is responsible for thicker and longer hair, little evidence or science supports this assertion.

Before you get to the claims, it’s important to know that hair loss and thinning are common problems. It is very common with 40 percent of Americans experiencing hair loss or thinning.

Castor oil for hair

It is more common in your 40s and 50s. This can be caused by hormonal changes, alopecia, and stress. So it’s always a good idea to see your doctor find out what the cause is. It doesn’t matter what reason it may be, losing your hair can cause severe damage to some people. Hair can also have an external effect on a person’s self-image, confidence, and self-esteem. (Thanks to societal pressure.)

This is why people are so quick to try any solution that promises results. It’s easy to see why before-and-after photos are so important. While the technology for hair growth and hair fall treatments has advanced over the years, it is worth noting that some of them can be costly and unsustainable. People often turn to DIY and natural alternatives because they don’t have the financial means to spend hundreds of dollars on in-office treatments.

Castor oil can help with this. Is it really effective in growing hair? For a definitive answer to this popular hair-growth technique, we turned to the experts.

What is castor oil, and what are its benefits?

Marisa Garshick (a New York City-based dermatologist), says castor oil comes from castor beans. It’s rich in protein and antioxidants as well as nutrients and fatty acids. Castor oil is a natural and effective treatment for hair, scalp, and skin. Dr. Garshick states that castor oil has humectant properties to help draw moisture into the skin. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties which can help improve hair, scalp, and overall skin health.

Although castor oil is often referred to as an all-natural panacea (go ahead and Google it: there are many articles on how it can help with hair issues such as shedding, breakage, and regrowth). Dr. Garshick states that there is no scientific evidence to support castor oil’s benefits for hair and skin. This is in contrast to other popular oils like rosemary and vitamin B5.

Can castor oil help hair grow?

The tl. dr. Perry Romanowski is a cosmetic chemist and the author of Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry. “Castor oils will not grow your hair.” “There is no evidence or scientific proof that it works. It is, therefore, a complete myth.

Dr. Garshick agreed and noted that there is little that is really known about the effects of castor oil on hair growth. She notes that the ricinoleic and vitamin E in it may increase blood circulation, thereby promoting stronger and healthier hair. “There’s no evidence castor oil promotes hair regrowth,” she said. “However, there have been some reports of improvement. Castor oil for hair loss testimonials is mostly from YouTube, Reddit, or blogs.

“While it does possess antimicrobial capabilities that may be helpful in terms of fighting against bacterial or fungal growth on the scalp, there is no evidence [proving] that it is useful for hair growth,” says Adam Friedman M.D. a board-certified dermatologist at The George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

He states that people may be allergic or experience inflammation from castor oil, which can ultimately do more damage than good for the scalp. “It is absurd to suggest that castor oil accelerates the growth of hair, which is tightly controlled at one centimeter per month, and for which FDA approved medications for hair fall do not affect it,” he says.

Romanowski claims castor oil does not damage hair and can condition the hair to improve its flexibility. Dr. Garshick also agrees. She says that castor oil can nourish the hair and leave it looking and feeling stronger. “It may also have other benefits to the hair and scalp so it [may] encourage healthy hair regrowth.”

Castor oil is a natural way to stimulate hair growth. Dr. Garshick advises you to massage some castor oil on your scalp for around 15 to 20 minutes before washing out your shampoo.

She also mentions that castor oil is available in some of the most effective hair oils. Her personal favorites are Briogeo B. It is safe to use as directed.


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