Tomorrow I will be the most beautiful to go… to school. Who says back to school, says that your little one will want to put on her best clothes to find her friends. And it will take care of the look from head to toe. Discover our selection of hairstyles for every day, and our tips for achieving them.

1. The ponytail braid

How to make the hairstyle?

Take the wick located on the top of the head, taking as a reference the area placed between each middle of the eyebrows. Braid this section of hair by placing the hair well on the skull with an African braid (where a wick is added at each crossing). Once at the back of the head, gather the remaining lengths into a high ponytail and hide the elastic used by wrapping a section of hair around it and the end of the braid. Block everything with bobby pins.

Hairstyles For Little Girls

2. Curly hair

How to make the hairstyle?

With a curling iron, wave the hair from the mid-lengths. Once all the hair is wavy, bring all the locks to the back of the head and tie those above with a pretty bow tie clip.

3. The two buns

How to make the hairstyle?

Part down the center of your head to separate the hair into two sections. On each side of the head, gather the hair in a deliberately messy bun, which you will fix with small snow clips. Under each of the buns obtained, tie a small bow tie bar or another pretty shape.

4. The braided parting

How to make the hairstyle?

Make two partings close together on one side of the head to separate the section from the other hair. Make sure not to take strands from the side sections, and braid the parting tightly.

5. The floral headband

How to make the hairstyle?

Nothing better to sublimate the hair than a beautiful accessory simply placed in the hair. The headband will also have the advantage of keeping hair out of sight, which will make life easier for little girls. Enhance the hair by applying a dab of serum or leave-in hair oil on the mid-lengths and ends so that the fibers are smooth and soft. Redefine curls or waves by applying a specific anti-frizz and moisturizing treatment. Position the headband so that all the hair is pulled back.

6. The pretty crest

How to make the hairstyle?

Take a large wick on the top of the head and tie it about five centimeters, using a transparent elastic. Take this wick in hand and add a wick taken from each side of the head. Tie everything, again five centimeters further. Depending on the length, repeat the operation once or twice, then leave the rest of the lengths free, like a ponytail. Part each hair parting slightly to add volume to the comb.

7. The mini braid

How to make the hairstyle?

Draw a parting in the center or slightly offset on one side. On one of them, take a wick. Separate the latter into three to make a simple braid to tie with a transparent elastic.

8. The accessorized square

How to make the hairstyle?

Draw a parting on one side of the head. Place, on the thickest one, two pretty barrettes on the side.

9. The rhinestone bun

How to make the hairstyle?

Tie all the hair in a high ponytail. Twist the lengths on themselves, so as to form a small bun that you will fix with snow pins (or bun pins). Place a nice set of flat barrettes between the bun and the nape of the neck as decoration.

10. The bohemian scarf

How to make the hairstyle?

With your child’s head forward, place a scarf around his neck. Once the head is up, draw a parting in the center, then place the lengths forward. Tie the scarf in the front, forming a big knot on top of the head. If necessary, consolidate your hairstyle by fixing the scarf in the hair using flat clips.

11. The side spiky braid
How to make the hairstyle?

Fold all the hair to one side. On the top of the head, horizontally, take a lock on the right and one on the left and make them cross in the center. Take a strand just under the first on the right and pass it over to the one on the left to mix it with the band of hair already formed on the right. Do the reciprocal on the left bypassing the hair on the right. You will still have your two locks in hand, thicker and thicker as you progress, repeating the same step until you reach the bottom of the ear. On the right strand, take a thin strip outward and bring it inward. Do the same on the left lock and continue in this way until you reach the ends of the hair. All you have to do is tie the braid.


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