The Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower justifies its premium price by boasting an attractive appearance, a strong metal construction, and a large coverage area. If you have the money, the Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower is worth the cost because of its high-quality design and functionality.

Despite being in the same price range as the Moen, the Delta In2ition 5-Spray and Delta HydroRain Two-in-One 5-Spray couldn’t compete because of their awkward designs and difficult operation. The Moen’s small connection to the shower arm made installation more difficult than with other models I evaluated. The fact that it took a few more minutes to get the threads to catch wasn’t a big concern, but a longer shower arm would undoubtedly speed up installation.

wall mounted rain shower head

The Moen looked fantastic after being installed. It has a traditional rainshower appearance thanks to its extra-wide 8-inch face, and its 100 nozzles provide exceptional performance. The Moen outperformed the other high-end versions I tried because of the water’s unexpected strength and overall pleasant feel. One of the second-highest I tested was 1.85 GPM from it. For a broader showerhead like this one to function properly, a high flow rate is unquestionably required.

The movement of the adjustment lever was one of my favourite aspects of the Moen. This lever easily and silently switches from a full-coverage mode to concentrated rinsing, unlike other versions that have noisy mechanical clicks when you change settings. The entire device has a good degree of movement and swivels on a ball joint attached to the water supply arm, although its large form restricts its pivoting more than thinner ones.

Other types

1. Hand Held Shower Heads

Without a question, the most common style of shower head available is the hand-held variety. This is such a flexible solution, whether you are remodelling an existing shower or simply need to change the shower head. A detachable hose and a holder to install the showerhead are often sold with hand held shower heads. You have complete flexibility to use the shower head any way you see fit, whether that be to rinse the soap off your body, clean the shower walls, fill a bucket outside the shower, or for any other reason you may think of. These shower heads with removable hoses work well for bathing as well.

2. Rain Shower Heads: Rainfall and Waterfall Shower heads

Although they are essentially fixed shower heads like wall mounted rain shower head, rain shower heads are substantially bigger. You may fundamentally grow the inclusion in your shower by adding walls as high as 6 inches. Inclusion depicts the width of the water splash, which gives you a hotter showering experience. One of the more opulent types of shower heads available is rain shower heads, which can make showering feel like a spa experience.

3. Dual Shower Head

What happens when a decent shower head and a handheld shower head come into contact? There is now a dual shower head! There are even fixed shower heads that are twofold as downpour shower heads these days since organizations are getting so creative! This is the most ideal choice for any individual who needs to altogether further develop their showering experience all alone. The fact that these combination shower head kits often include all the installation necessities is also good news. You will receive the hand held shower head, hose, diverter mount, and fixed/rain shower head.


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