If you don’t focus on organizing the PDF files in your system, it may create an issue for you in the end. There are chances that you may misplace some important files.

To avoid this trouble, it is necessary to manage the documents properly and it all can be done easily with the help of merging the files.

Now if we talk about combining the files, users can choose multiple methods. One can do this all manually, go for an online tool, or choose computer software.

But the best and top-rated way is to use an online tool to merge the files in a better way quickly.

The search engine is full of such online tools that can help you compile PDF documents. Some of them are paid while others are offering all the advantages for free. So, why one would pay for a tool if he is getting all the features without any cost?

Best 5 Free PDF Combiner Tools for Combining PDF Files

In this article, we will talk about the best PDF combiners that users can choose to merge a bunch of PDF files rapidly without purchasing the tool.

Top pdf combiners

If you look for a perfect PDF combiner on Google, it will provide you with a list of tools that can be helpful in this regard. But not all of them are free. Secondly, if you get a free tool there are chances that you may select an unsecured one.

To make it easy for you all, here we are going to discuss the best PDF combiners that are secure to use and will offer the best features for merging the PDF files for free.

1. Mergepdf.io


Merge PDF is one of the best online PDF combiners that users can avail of to bind a bunch of PDF files with a single click and organize the files in the device.

The best element of this merging tool is that users can browse multiple PDF files at once here and compile them all rapidly to increase their work productivity.

Some users are concerned about the security of the content and look for a tool that can help them keep the content safe. So, this online tool can be a handy option as it keeps the data of the users secure.

Also, users can get access to this online tool on every platform as there will be no compatibility issues.

The best aspect of this free PDF merger is that users can edit the documents before merging them and changing their position.

2. Pdfresizer.com

Managing heavy documents is not an issue furthermore. This online tool will be the best option for merging files that are of large size. Users can upload files that have a size of up to 100 MBs. The maximum size of all the files can be 150 MBs.

Not only this, but users can also upload files in multiple formats. They can upload the documents in Docx, Doc, PDF, PPT, and PPTX format and merge them all. The final report will be converted to PDF form once they get merged.

The interface of this online tool is quite simple. Users can easily merge the documents here without learning the working of the tool.

3. Seotoolscenter.com

SEO tools center also offers you amazing PDF merger where users can compile a bunch of PDF files quickly without any cost. This tool is quite easy to use so new users can easily understand the features and their work.

This tool allows the users to browse the files from multiple platforms. If the files are present in the computer folder, you can simply upload them by clicking on the device icon.
Similarly, you can also upload the files from online platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

After uploading the files, users can change the position of the files and keep them in a required sequence. The tool will provide them with the results in a few seconds and help them sort the documents quite easily.

4. Online2PDF.com

The PDF merger by online 2 PDF is an amazing addition to the list of best tools that can provide you with multiple advantages for free. Users who are concerned about the security of the content can get help from this online tool and keep the data safe.

One more thing about this tool is that one can upload multiple files at once and merge them all with a single click.

This PDF merger provides the results in a few seconds and makes the work productivity faster. Therefore, users must consider this online tool for getting a quick response.
Also, the tool allows the users to upload files in multiple formats like Doc, Docx, PDF, XLS, and XLSX. The final reports could be easily converted to PDF format after combining them.

5. Urpdf.com

UrPDF offers a simple interface to the users that help them understand the working of the tool and merge all the files quickly. One can upload the files in this tool or simply go for the drag and drop option.

The best thing about this online tool is that users can merge the files without any security issues. The reason is that this tool doesn’t keep the data of its users in the database.

Also, they can rapidly merge all the files here as the response time of this PDF merger is quite fast.

Final verdict

Online PDF merger will be the best option for combining the PDF files as users can merge a bunch of PDF files at once and save their time.

Hundreds of PDF tools are present on the search engine that can help you compile PDF documents but you need to look for the secure ones that are offering the features for free.
Here we have discussed some of the best online tools in this article that can provide you with a lot of advantages without any cost.


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