Virtual events have been gaining huge popularity and are growing in multiple capabilities. But many businesses these days are still on the hunt for better alternatives to virtual events. Here, comes the option of conducting hybrid events. These are considered to be the future of multiple occasions, meetings, conferences, and other internal corporate events. It has been becoming the norm for businesses to learn how to stay at their best in both the virtual and real worlds.

Basic Things To Consider While Setting Up Your First Hybrid Event

Live events will always have robust significance, no matter how popular the virtual events are. However, how the organizers can seamlessly conduct an engaging hybrid event in Singapore or another place comes as a question. Here, hiring a reliable event management firm is one ideal choice. They can take care of everything from choosing the ideal venue to hiring experienced staff to manage and organize the entire event.

But first, we will talk about the things to consider when setting up your first hybrid event. Furthermore, these will help you know the effective ways to engage people in a hybrid setting. Thus, improving engagement and accessibility.

What to Consider When Setting Up Your First Hybrid Event?

Choose the Ideal Virtual Platform

In a hybrid event, both live and virtual representation goes together. To showcase the virtual side, choosing the right platform to deliver an exceptional experience to remote attendees is essential. However, the choice depends on multiple factors. These can be the event objectives, budget, potential audience, etc.

So, begin with determining your need behind conducting the event and what features you need in an event platform. Afterwards, ensure the platform feature checklist is fulfilled within your set budget. Also, perform thorough research so the platform can boost your hybrid event.

Understand Your Attendees

The most vital thing to consider is to target the potential audience to seamlessly achieve the event goals. Understand the audience, their behavior, what they expect from the event, and how to attract and keep them engaged.

Attendees should be taken into account for a variety of factors, including their geographic location, job title, and accessibility needs. Besides, the main benefit of conducting a hybrid event is that people can attend it virtually. However, the different time zones make it challenging for attendees and event organizers to stay connected. After all, you will have attendees attending your event from all over the world. Hence, making the event accessible according to their timing is essential.

Ensure that the attendees can easily access the event sessions you are about to offer. You can try making the session live multiple times so it can cover all the times depending on the audience’s location. Thus, delivering the best possible experience.

Set Up Your Event Budget

Setting up a budget will need you to consider many important aspects, especially the size, and the type. Besides, it will include the below-given items.

  • The cost of venue rental.
  • Event registration and management technology to be used.
  • Volunteers and other staffing accommodation costs.
  • The fees for Catering, stage, branding, decoration, etc.

Considering all these things helps set a clear budget and helps negotiate easily and efficiently with the vendors. Thus, keeping the hybrid event as cost-efficient as possible.

Build an Event Management Team

Having a well-experienced and managed team is necessary to ensure executing an engaging and successful hybrid project. Some functional roles that your hybrid event team must fulfill are:

  • Marketing Coordinator: Their role is to plan and execute the event promotion across multiple channels. They must create the event buzz before, during, and once the event is over.
  • Hybrid Event Manager: They set up the event strategy, handle the team, allocate resources and budget, and take charge of managing partnerships.
  • Venue Manager: Their role is to manage everything happening on the stage and ensure everything goes right.

There are many more individuals involved playing multiple roles in hybrid even execution. However, the main purpose behind having a big team is to keep the vent organized and functional. But even with the team, management can still be challenging. Therefore, hiring an event management company can help simplify the entire team handling process.

Promote Event

You would want your audience to be excited about your event. After all, the excitement will lead to better engagement. Here, promoting the event on social media will help build awareness.

The best you can do is follow these ideas shared below to make the first hybrid event successful.

  • Use relevant event hashtags.
  • Run email or website campaigns.
  • You can even try creating an event trailer that looks attractive and engaging.

Implement Ideal Technological Solutions

No hybrid, virtual, or live event is possible without the right technology in place. So, it is also vital to choose the technology for seamless and successful execution of the event.

Again, there are multiple technology solutions available for event management. However, some of the basics include:

  • Ticketing/Registration: A solution is required by which you can easily manage ticket selling. Even ensure the attendees are enabled to buy the tickets or make the registrations online.
  • Mobile Event Application: Enormous event organizers are moving towards getting mobile apps designed. These can be used to schedule the events, promote the events, enable attendees to register, and more. Therefore, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Event Productivity Tool: You can try investing in project management and productivity solutions. It can help streamline the entire event team’s collaboration.

All such convenience is possible with the best technological solution in place. But first, identify all the event requirements before you decide on one technology. This is because investing in non-required technology will waste resources and complicate the event workflow. Thus, resulting in reduced team efficiency and poor attendee experience.


It is necessary to understand that even though the significance of live events returns, the priorities and expectations have changed. Audiences now expect more flexibility and accessibility at their leisure,

Incorporating hybrid and virtual events into your corporate or any other event programs can be the key to staying connected with your audience. Remember, none of the styles will become outdated. So, switch to hybrid events by considering all these tips shared above and learn the best from your first event.

Best of luck with your first hybrid event setup and execution!!


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