Pakistan’s real estate market has seen a lot of development in recent years. This is mainly due to the country’s immense potential in terms of investment opportunities. From luxurious residential properties to high-end commercial ventures, there is something for everyone in Pakistan.

One of the most critical developments in the Pakistan real estate market is the launch of Capital Smart City Islamabad. This planned city is being developed on the outskirts of Islamabad. It is a joint venture between Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd and Future Holdings.

10 Reasons To Invest in Capital Smart City

The city is being developed to provide a world-class living experience to its residents. It will feature all the modern amenities and facilities you expect to find in a smart city. If you are thinking of investing in the Pakistan real estate market, then Capital Smart City is worth considering.

  1. Location
  2. NOC
  3. Owners & Developers
  4. Plot Size
  5. Capital Smart City District
  6. Payment Plan
  7. Interchange
  8. Smart Villas
  9. One Capital Residences
  10. Salient Features


The Capital Smart City is strategically located between the new Islamabad International Airport and the Islamabad-Lahore M2 motorway interchange. As a result of its proximity to Islamabad’s main roads, the project is more accessible. You can travel easily from this ideal location, and you can live comfortably and opulently.


The Capital Smart City Islamabad has been approved for development by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The NOC has been granted for the project’s initial development stage. Furthermore, the NOC for the extended blocks will be made available to the Capital Smart City soon.

Owners & Developers:

Future Developments Holdings and Habib Rafique (PVT) Limited collaborate to build Pakistan’s first smart city. The Future Developments Holdings and Habib Rafique (PVT) Limited are the developers of the Capital Smart City and real estate tycoons with a long list of notable accomplishments.

Plot Size:

For residential and commercial investors in Capital Smart City, there are a variety of plots available. Residential plots are available in 5, 7, 10, and 12 marla sizes, as well as 1 to 2 kanal plots. Where as the commercial plots in Capital Smart City are accessible 4, 6, and 8 marla sizes

Capital Smart City District:

The Capital Smart City will reform the real estate sector of Pakistan. It will soon become a symbol of excellence in the real estate industry. The Capital Smart City Master Plan aims to offer the most dependable and efficient means of supporting modern living. Using various themes, the project is divided into various districts and blocks.

  1. Gate Precinct
  2. Cultural Heritage District
  3. Education District
  4. Lake View Terrace
  5. Crystal Lake
  6. The Terraces
  7. Panda District
  8. Capital Hills
  9. Sports District
  10. Aviation District
  11. Financial Square
  12. Healthcare District
  13. Overseas East
  14. Executive Block
  15. Hills View Heights

Payment Plan:

The Capital Smart City offers flexible payment and installment options to meet the diverse needs of buyers from Pakistan and around the world. The plots are available at a variety of price points. Visit our website frequently for more relevant information and updates.


The interchange on the M2 highway makes it easier to get to Capital Smart City. However, there were numerous rumors regarding access to the Capital Smart City, but the NHA has approved the alteration for the Capital Smart City, and construction work has begun. The interchange entrance will be open to vehicles in October 2023.

Smart Villas:

The Smart Villas offer a cutting-edge, integrated, and futuristic way of living. You can now choose the life you’ve always wanted with three different architectural styles: contemporary, Mediterranean, and Georgian. The project will feature the most cutting-edge smart home designs, providing residents with a contemporary and forward-thinking way of life.

One Capital Residences:

The works of Eduardo Chillida, a Spanish international sculptor who works with the concepts of mass and void, inspired the One Capital Residences. One Capital Residences include apartments, office spaces, retail F&B, green areas, kids’ friendly, sports facilities, Crystal Laguna, and walkways. A new vibrant skyline is being built using the incredible profile of the Khairi Murat reserved forest and the ancient traces of the Margala Hills to frame something magical.

Salient Features:

The goal of Capital Smart City Islamabad is to make Islamabad an exceptional place to live by creating an eco-friendly environment with modern amenities, the same as Lahore Smart City. Some of the distinguishing features that distinguish Capital Smart City from the real estate market.

  1. 24/7 Security & Maintenance
  2. Villas And Smart Homes
  3. Smart Traffic Management Systems
  4. Smart Lighting System
  5. Smart Parking System
  6. Shopping Mall
  7. Gym Facilities
  8. Transport Facilities
  9. Theme Parks
  10. Dancing Fountains And Music


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