Being a high school athlete is demanding and involves a rigorous practice schedule, traveling for meetups, and handling school workloads. Fortunately, you can support your child on this journey. Here are unique ways to show your love and help out the high school athlete in your life.

Unique Ways to Support Athletes

Here are five ways through which you can help support the high school athlete in your life to move forward and accomplish much more:

Create a Pre-Game Ritual

Having a pre-game ritual that your high school athlete looks forward to can be an exciting way to boost their morale. This can be anything from having a meal together, creating custom flags for their team, or playing a game of catch. Whatever it is, create something special so they know you’re always there for them before the big game.

Attend All Games

Nothing says ‘I’m proud of you’ like showing up to cheer on your athlete at every game. Invite family members and friends or attend solo to show your support and give them an extra dose of encouragement. Even if the games are far away, try to show up and be there for your high school athlete when they need it most.

Provide Healthy Snacks

Long practices, travel days, and hectic schedules require fuel. Prepare a healthy snack bag with protein bars, nuts, trail mix, and other snacks to help keep their energy levels up throughout the day. Keep these snacks easily accessible, so they have something healthy to snack on between practices or during study breaks.

Start Fundraising Efforts

High school athletes often require expensive equipment, travel costs, and apparel. Consider starting a fundraiser to help cover these costs or donate items such as sports memorabilia or flags that can be sold at team events to generate funds that benefit the entire team. Don’t forget to get creative– plenty of inventive ideas can be used to raise money for the high school athletes in your life!

Keep an Open Dialogue

Your high school athletes may not always want to talk about how practice went or how they feel about an upcoming match. Still, keeping an open dialogue with them is essential so they feel comfortable talking to you about any struggles they may face in their sport or personal life. Ask questions, listen non-judgementally, and provide advice if asked for– all these actions are integral to supporting your young athlete.

Shop For Gear Ahead of Time

Shopping for gear ahead can reduce the stress of scrambling to find what they need after tryouts or practices. Find out what attire and equipment they need for their sport and grab it before their season starts so they’re always ready for every practice!

Durable and Dependable Attire

It is essential to ensure that the attire chosen is of quality material and will last through the season. Look for pieces that are not only stylish but also durable enough to be worn through the entire season.

Sport-Specific Gear

Be sure to purchase the appropriate gear for your child’s sport. Different types of helmets, shoes, pads, and other items will be needed depending on the sport. Research ahead of time so you know exactly what type of gear your child needs for their season.

Celebrate Their Wins

It’s essential to ensure you celebrate big and small wins with your athlete! Hosting a special dinner or weekend outing is a great way to boost their confidence before the next competition or season. Celebrating each success will help keep their spirits high as they continue their athletic careers.

Big Wins

Take the time to throw a special celebration when your athlete accomplishes a significant milestone. It could be throwing a party or dinner or planning a weekend getaway as a family. Recognizing their hard work and dedication will make your athlete feel appreciated and motivated to strive for greatness.

Small Wins

Acknowledge their small successes as well! Simple gestures like taking them out for ice cream, giving them a special gift, or surprising them with a motivational note can make a world of difference in their day. Celebrating their wins will increase their confidence and enthusiasm for the next competition.


Supporting the high school athlete in your life doesn’t have to be hard! By implementing creative initiatives such as creating pre-game rituals, attending all games, and keeping an open dialogue, you can easily show your love and backing during this vital career phase. From fundraising efforts to offering helpful words of encouragement, being involved in the life of a high school athlete is one of the most rewarding experiences any parent can have!


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