Tropical beaches are one the most popular locations for destination weddings. They are the perfect excuse for a direct honeymoon for the marrying couple and an impromptu vacation for the guests. If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, you cannot find a better venue than the beach itself. The best thing about beach weddings is the relaxing vibe; they don’t need to be extraordinarily organized and formal like conventional weddings. You can get away with wearing a simple lightweight dress that does not have to be paired with high heels that give you blistered feet by the end of the ceremony.

5 Reasons to pick a Beach for Wedding Photography

Wedding photos on the beach look spectacular, so don’t be surprised when they blow up on your socials. You’ll be getting loads of ‘wedding goals’ comments on your album and your followers will be swooning for days. You probably plan to get married just once in this lifetime, so the pictures need to be flawlessly memorable. Here’s why a secluded and unadorned beach is the ideal venue for wedding photography:

1. Picturesque Background

The blue waters interlocked with the sky, and the grainy sand in contrast sure make a breathtaking background. The rocks, palm trees, and other natural elements further enhance the aesthetics. You can almost hear the sound of waves when you look at the photos and reminisce. Even the random snaps look amazing, reminding you of all those special candid moments. You might be compelled to revisit the venue and renew your vows. A beach is a place where you can get creative and romantic without even trying; run in the shallow waters, make sand angels, pose with the rocks, and capture the sunset.

2. The Sea Breeze

Places near the sea shore are blessed with a moderate climate, which guarantees fair weather for a ceremony and photo shoot. Nothing gets ruined even if it rains because the casual theme of a beach wedding blends in. Rainfall may set the scene for some uniquely romantic and sultry photographs as well. The sea breeze keeps the atmosphere fresh and pleasant. The wind in your hair and the flutter of your dress further beautifies the images captured on film.

3. The Lighting

If you want to make the best of the beach background, then you should know that it’s all about the timing. The natural sunlight during the daytime will sharpen your features and each expression, as well as make your skin glow. Therefore, you can skip the heavy wedding makeup, although waterproof products are totally recommended. The sunset is perfect for shadowed and silhouette casting photography. Collection of both timings will grant you the complete story of a happily ever after.

4. Laidback Environment

Since the overall atmosphere of the seaside is so relaxing, the smiles and emotions in the pictures don’t have to be forced. You will notice the calmness on your face and your eyes will reflect your joy. You can let loose and be yourself in the open air and white noise. You can experiment with unconventional poses, so some silly photos, and essentially keep it real.

5. No Decorations are Needed

The natural landscape of the beach does not need any embellishments. It is stunning in its original and bare form, so no need to invest in a dozen props or intricate decorations. If you support minimalism, a wedding photo shoot at the beach is right up your alley. The wedding album shall rekindle your love when you start a family and begin estate planning in the future.


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