Everyone dreams of decorating their home. Curtains are one of the first things people consider changing the style of a home. Decorating needs care and is well-planned. Especially if you are paying guests and live on a rental property. In that kind of situation, you don’t want to damage anything at home, and you don’t want to have holes in either.

Hang Curtains

There are many ways to hang wallcurtains without drilling and damaging the ceiling. You can take advantage of adhesive, magnetic, and natural tensions to hang curtains without using drilling.

5 Best Ways To Hang Curtains

Here are 5 options shared with you, mostly involving DIYs and easy-to-use products.

1. By Using Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks let you hang what you want and where you want without using nails and tools. Adhesive hooks hold strongly and stick to your wall easily. These adhesive hooks remove easily and cleanly, with no sticky residue or damage left behind.

You can always move curtains and get them to the exact spot you want for curtains. By using adhesive hooks, you can display almost any type of wall art. Adhesive hooks come in a variety of styles. These hooks are great for temporary use. Here is a method for hanging curtains by using adhesive hooks.

Method Of Using Adhesive Hooks

You will need a pair of adhesive hooks for each window. Adhesive hooks hold different weights and styles of curtains. A pair of adhesive hooks is enough to hold the weight of curtains. Follow the instructions which are written on the adhesive hook packets.

Peel the back of the adhesive hooks and stick them carefully on the wall. Let the hooks sit for a short time. If you suddenly hang your curtain on adhesive hooks, your adhesive hooks may fall off the wall.

2. By Using Tension Rod

The most common and easiest way to avoid damage to the wall is by using tension rods. Tension rods are a suitable way to hang curtains. They are very easy to install and remove whenever you want. A tension rod can sit in your window easily. Tension rods don’t require hooks, hardware, or any other tools.

Tension rods do not require a drill and are easily attached to a window, so these types of rods are easy to install. If you are living in a rental area, using a tension rod is a splendid solution for curtain hanging. Tension rods are usually less expensive than other kinds of curtains. You can use a tension rod for many other purposes, too.

Method Of Using Tension Rod

There are different sizes available for tension rods. Measure your window and tension rods to identify which size is better for your window. Look for a size that fits your window. Check again the length of the tension rods and the width of the window. Hold the tension rod up to your window. The tension rod should be 1 inch shorter than the window.

3. By Using Magnetic Rod

Magnetic rods are made of steel tubing and heavy-duty magnets. You don’t need to worry about the capability of rods. These rods can be easily used to hang heavy curtains as magnetic rods come with powerful magnets.

You can use a magnetic rod to avoid drilling and damaging the wall or ceiling. A magnetic rod used as a temporary curtain rod will stick tightly to the wall. And you can close and open the panels of the curtain without worrying about them coming down.

Method Of Using Magnetic Rod

Find a magnet rod that is suitable and fixable on your window frame and is strong enough to hold your curtains. Place the magnet rod where you want to install it. Magnetic rods are sticky and can easily stick to your wall.

4. By Using Stick On Rods

Stick-on rods can easily stick to walls without having to sacrifice the look you want. Stick-on rods come in a variety of styles. These rods also come as hardware. You can hang the rods as high as you want and as far as you want. These rods are easy to install without using drilling.

Method Of Using Stick On Rods

When you buy stick-on rods, consider size, style, and strength. Find rods that are wide enough for your windows. The stitch on the rod should be strong enough for your curtains. Before hanging curtains, leave the rod for 1 hour on your wall. After one hour, hang your curtains, on Stick On rods, and slide your bunk bed curtains to make sure the hanging strength of the stick rods is good.

5. By Using Twist-And-Fit Rod

Twist-and-fit rods are the same as tension rods. If you decide the curtains look too high or too low, you can remove the rod with no damage. This rod is another fantastic product for those people who want to hang curtains without holes and damage to the wall.

Method Of Using Twist-And-Fit Rod

Measure the width of your window and also measure the length of the twist-and-fit rod. Adjust its length long enough to stay put. Place the rod inside your window and extend the rod until both sides touch the sides of the window. Slide your curtains onto a twist-and-fit rod.


Basically, the drill is used to hold the wall or ceiling. Many people think about how to hang curtains without drilling and what the best ways of hanging curtains are. I hope that after reading this post, you people get an idea of how to hang curtains without using drilling.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can We Hang Curtains With Command Hooks Without Using Drills?

You can hang curtains with command hooks without drilling. They are also damage-free. You can easily organize your home by using command hooks.

2. Can We Hang Curtains Temporarily?

Yes, you can hang curtains temporarily by using adhesive, command, tension rods, magnetic rods, stick-on rods, and twist and fit rods. These tools help you hang curtains temporarily.


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