House remodelling requires considerable time and effort to manage all the tasks related to the process. For this reason, most people hire home renovation contractors to eliminate all the hassle. They have the knowledge and expertise related to the remodelling industry that comes in handy to complete a project effectively and efficiently.

home renovation contractors

Whereas if you try to manage home renovations on your own, there are chances of committing some mistakes. Consequently, you have to face financial loss and delays in the project. We have listed some common mistakes that homeowners are generally responsible for during home renovations. Let’s check them out so that you can avoid repeating them.

10 Common Mistakes One Should Avoid During Home Renovations

Improper Budgeting

Home remodelling costs more than the expectations of most house owners. For this reason, you must keep some extra amount as a reserve for a sudden requirement. Generally, it is recommended to take 20% of the budget and keep it in addition to the total amount for any unpleasant surprises.

This way, you don’t need to worry about the slight ups and downs in the budget. Besides, the project doesn’t get paused due to a lack of funds. Consequently, you can get the home remodelling completed in the decided time frame.

Not Keeping The Original Architecture in Mind

While renovating your home, you don’t need to follow the same design already implemented in the structure of the building. However, you are required to opt for such renovation designs that complement the house build. For example, installing modular furniture will be both troublesome and expensive if the house is not constructed in a manner to complement such additional items.

Preferring Looks Over Functioning

Before getting started with home modelling, figure out your requirements and preferred functionality. It is a good renovation approach to give more importance to functioning over appearance. This way, one can make various sections of the house more usable.

For instance, if you need extra storage, consider getting the required space designed under the stairs. In short, it is better to pay attention to the looks and appearance of the house, but not at the cost of functioning.

Not Choosing Appliances in The Beginning

At the start of the project, you must figure out the requirements and make a list of appliances you want to install during renovations. It is better to decide these things in advance so the remodelling process can be carried out accordingly.

Consequently, one can get various house portions designed to properly fit the appliances. For example, a chimney in the kitchen cannot be installed, if the space is not renovated according to the respective requirements in the first place.

Buying Furniture in Advance

Most people commit the mistake of buying the house furniture in advance. However, the same furniture items may not suit the house when the project is completed. Because the trends keep changing every once in a while.

Hence, a good approach is to wait until the project’s completion to buy new furniture. This way, you will get to know which furniture items you actually require and which items are just optional. Also, one can use the old furniture which still goes with the design of the renovated house. Moreover, you can buy furniture in the off-season, to get huge discounts.

Not Keeping The Electricity Fittings in Check

It is important to get the electrical fittings done safely as per the requirements. For example, if you want a switchboard near the bed, it is better to convey your requirements to the respective contractor in advance.

Suppose, you forget to tell the contractor about the same and the paint job and final finishing are done. Then, the workers have to again drill holes in the wall that not only impact the appearance but you have to bear additional expenses as well.

Selecting Cheaper Materials

Going with cheaper materials and supplies will facilitate renovations at a lower price but the materials wear down very fastly. So, you need to get them replaced, which is more costly than buying quality material in the first place. Hence, it is better to invest in good-quality renovation materials to avoid any hassle later on. Although quality materials, supplies and accessories are costly, they last for years, making your investment truly value for money.

Choosing Contractors Without Research

You should take your time to research before finalising a contractor for home renovation. Most people hire contractors that offer their services at lower prices than markets. There are high chances that they will cut costs during the remodelling, leading to compromise in the quality and finishing.

A good way to find out how credible contractors are is to go through the reviews and testimonials. If most of the ratings and reviews are positive, it means the services are good, and vice-versa. Moreover, you should look to hire HDB contractors, as they work as per the government guidelines. So, one can expect a certain level of quality and good finishing in their work.

Not Paying Attention To Lighting

Ignoring the lighting is very common amongst homeowners while getting their house renovated. Although one can install more artificial light sources to compensate for low-lit house areas, natural lighting can’t be replaced by any other alternative.

So, it is better to keep that in mind and proceed with the project while facilitating enough light in the house. You should inform the contractor in advance to take care of these small details to avoid any hassle later on.

Opting For Small Halls and Doorways

Indeed, some people don’t have spacious houses with huge halls and doorways. But, irrespective of the space you have, the halls and doorways need to be bigger than other portions of the house. It can save homeowners from so many problems later on.

For example, if the doors are not wide enough, some of the appliances and furniture will not pass through them. So, the items you bought will become completely useless if you don’t even have enough space to place them. So, it is beneficial to keep a specific portion of the house bigger.


Above are the top mistakes that homeowners should avoid to get the best value out of home renovations. However, by hiring a reputable and skilled contractor, you make the remodelling experience hassle-free for yourself. While selecting renovation contractors, make sure to choose the ones near your location. This way, you will be able to visit their office and schedule a meeting to check their credibility.


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