No one will be happy to see you unfriending them especially if they won’t date you. Notwithstanding, I will be your guide to know how to do that without them getting any notification. You may ask, “will unfriending someone notify them? Yes, but it depends on the type of platform you are using.

You love showing love to friends on Facebook but some of them deserve to be cleared from your friend list due to their behavior online. You like friends who post but some of them post on politics, lottery, and ethnocentrisms. Others post videos that are discouraging making it difficult to be their friends.

Will Unfriending Someone Notify Them

Will unfriending someone notify them?

When you post on Facebook, it notifies your friends but unfriending them does not notify them of your actions. Facebook does not notify anyone who has been unfriended by another friend.

They can only search for your name to discover that they’ve been unfriended but it doesn’t notify them. The friend will discover during the time they want to wish you a birthday or congratulate you on your appointment before discovering that they’ve been unfriended.

Will unfriending someone notify them on Facebook? How can you do it to avoid them being notified?

To kick out your bad friends from your list without them being notified, you have to follow some selected steps I have selected for you

First, visit your Facebook profile to check on your friend list to remove that person from your account.

Second, search for the friend you want to remove from your list.

The third is to check on the unfriend option and do that immediately.

Other Ways to Do It

There are other ways of unfriending some people from your list without making them aware. Search your search bar using the person’s name. You will be able to get the person’s name and the friend options. You can unfriend him or her with the friend’s option. Remember, the person will not be notified of your action.

Alternatively, open the friend option to check all your friends and start unfriending those that you want to unfriend from that section. None of you will send any notification on that option you choose to do.

Other settings to take note

You can set your profile by locking it so that none of them can send you messages again or even know your friends you have. You can choose to also disable your message bottom so that none can message you.

The post you already have will still remain the same and nothing will change. In addition, none will see that you have to unfriend them unless they check.

Will unfriending someone notify them, especially Restricting?

Do you want to restrict your friend?  Select the restricted option from the available list. Those you restrict can only see the post you shared in public and the ones shared with mutual friends. Restricted friends cannot see your private post and cannot flood your inbox with messages or comment on your post.

What makes people unfriend others?

You decide to unfriend those who misbehave on your profile and post things that are not friendly to your norms and lifestyle. Friends are not meant to become enemies but the lifestyle of others goes contrary to our behavior.

For instance, giving someone the opportunity to become your friend but end up posting nudes and lottery can affect your dignity if you are tagged. There is a saying that “birds of the same feathers always fly together.”

If you are constantly seeing a friend who posts unnecessary staff or constantly attacking every post you make with awful comments, then decide his faith in your friends’ list.

How to Work on Your Privacy Settings

You can decide on how your post may appear to your friends and non-friends. If you decide to upload a post selecting public, those who aren’t your friends may also see your post. However, if you select private, only your friends will be able to see your post.

Deactivating your friend from your friend list will enable them not to see your post or update when you post by selecting the public section.

Setting up your privacy well is the key to preventing unscrupulous post in your timeline by people who becomes your Facebook friends. Will unfriending someone notify them when you set up good privacy?

It will never notify anyone of your intended action against them when you are tagged to unnecessary posts. It helps you to regulate the type of post that will appear on your timeline as your personal post.

What Happens If You Unfollow a friend?

You can choose to unfollow someone’s page without them getting any notification of your act. Will unfriending someone notify them? Not at all, if you unfollow or unfriend any person on your list that person will never see it.


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