Kedar Kantha is located in the Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand. The name “Kedar Kantha” means “the throat of Lord Shiva”. The natives associate it with magical legends. In India, it is a renowned winter hiking destination. It is famously known as the Queens of Winter trek, because of the view of snow-covered peaks and lakes. It’s ideal for nature lovers who want to get out and about in the winter.


It is at an altitude of 12,500ft and a total distance of 20km. The entire quest takes around five days to wrap. The temperature during the daylight varies from 8 to15 degrees whereas, at night, it is -3 to 5 degrees. The expedition is specially picked by new sightseers and adventurers.

The Govind National Park’s scenic points include thickly snow-covered cliffs, frozen rivers, and pine forests. From a higher cliff, these are quite stunning.

LOCATION TO VISIT in the Kedarkantha:

Five famous spots that are must visit in the Kedarkantha expedition are the Sankari Zipline ride, Sankari village, Juda ka Talab, Someshwar Mahadev Temple, Kedarkantha skiing. These sites are full of sightseeing and divine sensation once you reach there. The panoramic view is jaw-dropping to ignore.

Sankari Zipline ride:

It is located in the Sankari village that passes over the Saur village. The Sankari zipline is the longest and highest zip line of Uttarakhand.
It is about 700m in length that passes over the Sankari village providing the most incredible views towards the Saur village.

The qualified professionals will instruct and assist you in swinging in the zip line. It takes approximately 1 hour to reach the other side.

Sankari village

It is the last road towards the beginning of the Govind Pashu vihar national park and wildlife sanctuary. Various creatures call the nature reserve home.. The rare species of animals like Snow leopard, Chir, Bharal, Musk deer, bearded vulture, black eagle, gold eagle, Himalayan black bears, Himalayan snowcock, Tahr, Monal etc.

There are forest rest houses in villages Naitwar, Taluka and Osla. These are small villages that reside on the route. Har ki Dun is an attractive location with outstanding natural beauty for the trekkers and tourists. You can uniquely experience wooden houses and interact with locals. It is a sight of many snow-covered peaks like the famous Kala Nag and Swargarohini Peak.

Juda ka Talab

Juda ka Talab is a lake that is fully frozen throughout the winter. It is situated at a higher altitude of the Kedarkantha trek. According to legends, the title “Juda ka Talab” is because of Lord Shiva. Once Lord Shiva opened his hair locks and water dropped. Because of this story, the lake was named Juda Ka Talab. There is greenery all around with pine trees. There are pleasing sceneries of Himalayan cliffs to relish.

Someshwar Mahadev Temple

In the Sankari village, there is an old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a stunning architectured temple constructed of deodar timber. During winter, the external surface gets covered in snow. The locals organise fairs and festivals in May. This represents the culture and customs obeyed by the residents.

Kedarkantha skiing

Kedarkantha skiing is an attractive beauty to experience at Kedarkantha. This snow-covered site of Kedarkantha at a higher altitude is ideal for skiing lovers. The campsites and homestays are available for tourists. The three months from January to March is the best time for skiing. There are experts to guide travellers of any level of skiing understanding.

BEST TIME TO VISIT Kedarkantha :

Kedarkantha trek is one of the popular winter treks in India, is very open the entire winter. For exploring the place, the best time is from December to April. From December to January, the temperature is between 13 to 18 degrees the day.

The temperature drops to -7 degrees at night-time.

In this area, the snow lasts till April; you can spend your summer holidays here. Those who can tolerate harsh cold weather and love winter would love to visit this trek. The sunrise from the snow-covered peak is very comforting to view.

The visitors need to dress warmly to protect themselves from the cold climate of Kedarkantha.


The extraordinary panorama of the Kedarkantha trek is delightful to explore. The view of the Himalayan cliffs is more stunning in winter due to its snow-covered scenery. There are many campsites located in the village for travellers.

The campsites are very pleasing, especially during the night. The star gazing at the night sky is very fascinating. The pine forest, frozen rivers and snowy roads are quite fun to explore while wandering. The interactions with locals, their lifestyles even enjoying their food while homestay at the village. For photographers and adventurers, Kedarkantha is best to visit in the winter.


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